Renew, Refresh, and Rejuvenate with these FIVE products from Dermastir

People lose fifty million skin cells every day. The cells get scraped off and turn into invisible dust, and disappear into the air. Maybe we are nothing but skin cells as far as the world is concerned.

Haruki Murakami

From a luxury French skincare company come FIVE products worthy of janiqueel’s and YOUR attention. They originate from Dermastir, the makers of many products for the face, body, and special concerns. Full disclosure – I have tried each of the five products and, after almost a month’s use, I am very impressed. 

Before we get lost in the wide variety of Dermaster products, let’s have a closer peek at five premiere selections: 

  • Dermastir Luxury Night Cream
  • SPF 50+ Concentrate
  • Roller Skin Serum 
  • Pre Op Mask
  • Post Op Whitening 

Yes, they are all DEMASTIR products, thus quality is assured.

Dermastir Luxury Night Cream

While I contentedly sleep, this Night Cream is hydrating and regenerating at the cellular level. In the morning, I notice that my facial skin feels firmer and bouncier. Moisture goes in, and ageing signs go OUT. Speaking chemically (as I rarely do), phyto extracts, oligo-elements, and (importantly) algae are parts of the creamy-rich formula. I enjoyed the tasteful packaging and was delighted with the “Airless Pump Technology” that protects from light, heat, and bacteria, and is far more eco-friendly than normal pump bottles. I applied the cream just before retiring on my squeaky-clean face, my neck, and cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Then I lie back, revel in memory scenes of the day and drift into sleep.

SPF 50+ Concentrate

None of us is getting any younger, but we can keep looking fresh and new with the help of products like this SPF concentrate that aims at particular skin issues like old scars, pigmentation, deep wrinkles, and lip and eye contours. Researching the effects of light waves on our skin, dermatologists have isolated the most harmful effects and found ways to mitigate the mal effects. Developed to focus on small sensitive areas of the face subject to pigmentation and dark lines. 50+ Concentrate can be used with my usual sunscreen. I apply it after putting on sunscreen to isolate areas with issues or potential issues. I’m being proactive and it feels so good!

Roller Skin Serum

I touch the elegantly slim bottle of clear serum roll-on a few times a day targeting some of the areas of my face that are most prone to wrinkling. Sometimes I just like to touch that slim cool glass vial even without opening it. It’s a tiny bit of self-pleasure. Smile lines around my mouth (hey, I’m a happy woman), that trouble area between my eyes, and lines that have only just begun to appear on my cheeks – I call them “dimple valleys” – are all on skin serum’s radar. The roller action helps promote circulation as it relaxes muscles. Puffiness is soon lessened. It’s easy. It’s enjoyable. It’s an elegant tool for your self-care pouch. Roll On!

Pre-Op Heat Mask

It’s the ‘heat’ part of this mask’s name that intrigued me. Once I had sponged on the mask, and felt the slow flow of heat spreading across my face and neck, I was more intrigued and impressed. Complementing the heat’s impact, scrubbing happens in the first minutes of the mask treatment. Helping in the scrub, micronised cranberries exfoliates gently and smoothly. For optimum results, I apply the mask with a brush or my fingers. For fifteen minutes I grandly relax feeling the warm nurturing effects of the mask on my skin. I rinse off with cool water. I like to pat dry my skin after this feeling refreshed and renewed.

Post-op Whitening

Designed to concentrate on pigmentation and dark spots, this whitener promotes an even look to my skin. I applied the mask to my dry, freshly-cleansed face, and left it there for 30-45 minutes while I listened to a terrific audiobook. Removing the mask was no problem. After it was off I massaged with a light serum without rinsing off. I like it for an overall skin brightening – no more dull tones. Waking up ‘sleeping’ skin cells the Post-op Mask is made for rejuvenating my face. Hey, I’m beautiful!

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Research and writing help from JKJ

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