Savor The Flavor Indulge In A Personal Feast This Lunar New Year With My First-Ever Halal Chicken Bak Kwa Creation

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, KFC crafted a special treat featuring delectable items like Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch, Chicken Bak Kwa Burger, Sweet Potato Criss-cut Fries, and unique Chicken Bak Kwa slice. This limited-time menu promises a HUAT-filled experience that lasts the entire year.

As a chicken lover and a fan of finger-lickin’ good meals, I am excited to share the joy this Lunar New Year on KFC innovative, first-ever halal Chicken Bak Kwa feast menu. Available from January 24 to February 22, 2024, this exclusive menu includes irresistible offerings like Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch, Chicken Bak Kwa Burger, Sweet Potato Criss-cut Fries, and my specially crafted Chicken Bak Kwa slice.

For those who relish the crispiness of KFC’s fried chicken, the Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch is a must-try. Perfectly fried chicken, seasoned with smoky and savory flavors, and topped with bits of Chicken Bak Kwa, each bite promises an elevated yet familiar taste of the Lunar New Year favorite.

Adding a festive twist to the signature KFC burger is the Chicken Bak Kwa Burger. Nestled between fluffy sesame buns, this burger features a crispy Zinger fillet coated with smoky and savory seasoning, mayonnaise, lettuce, and generously sprinkled with KFC’s Chicken Bak Kwa bits for a flavor-packed bite.

To complete this extraordinary feast, I’ve introduced flawlessly sweet-savory Sweet Potato Criss-cut Fries – fluffy on the inside and delightfully crispy on the outside.

For an additional touch of HUAT and festive spirit, KFC’s first-ever Halal Chicken Bak Kwa slices, available at select KFC outlets for $2.95 per slice with any purchase, while stocks last.

Multiply the HUAT With My KFC Red Packets

To spread more joy, luck, and prosperity, KFC designed special red packets featuring a creative 大吉大利 greeting, symbolizing good fortune and wealth. Replacing the word “吉” with an image of a bucket of KFC fried chicken signifies “鸡” (jī), offering a similar pronunciation. Adorned with auspicious wealth symbols like mandarin oranges, gold ingots, pineapples, and gold coins, these red packets will add to the HUAT of the Lunar New Year.

Customers can grab these exclusive KFC Huat Red Packets by spending a minimum of $10.00 at any KFC outlet islandwide from January 24, 2024, while stocks last.

The Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch, Chicken Bak Kwa Burger, and Sweet Potato Criss-cut Fries are available for dine-in or takeaway across all KFC outlets islandwide (excluding Singapore Polytechnic, Sentosa, and Singapore Zoo outlets) and via KFC Delivery, Grab, Foodpanda, or Deliveroo.

*The KFC Halal Chicken Bak Kwa is available at all KFC outlets except Singapore Polytechnic, Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, Gek Poh Ville, Jalan Bukit Merah, Jalan Mas Puteh, Serangoon Central East, Jurong East II, and Buangkok outlets.

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