SK-II and Priscilla Encourages You To Change Your Destiny‏

#ChangeDestiny is SK-II’s latest campaign to inspire women to change their own destiny, regardless of the little “dictators” in their life. It is the start of a positive movement to inspire women like you, around the world. What’s the first step to your future, and are you really happy with what you are doing currently?

It’s as simple as taking the first step towards something new for you to be truly happy.

Priscilla Shunmugam left her job as a lawyer to find her true calling to be a fashion designer speaking for the beauty of Asia, and she was proud and happy to have taken the step to change her destiny. What about you? What will you say to the ‘old you’?

Watch Priscilla’s video here:


• More than 94% of women know that destiny is not about leaving it to chance but taking action when you decide who you want to be

• But only 17% dare to pursue their dreams and change their own destiny


SKII aims to inspire the remaining 83% of women to #changedestiny

About the video:

Priscilla Ong Shunmugam who is a successful local designer was a law school graduate. As like any Asian child, she had taken the safe route. She had graduated from Legal school and had stepped into her natural career path to become a lawyer. However, she felt that she had achieved nothing and in fact, she was unhappy. One day, she decided that she needs to explore what is out there and what will make her really happy. She quit and she pack her bags for London to learn how to sew.

She viewed the world with Asian eyes and realised that the West viewed the East differently. She was compelled to break the stereotypes and also became her responsibility to make a difference.

This was when she knew she had to develop a label that would speak and stand for Asia.

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