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It’s a fabulous thing to give life to fabric, to make something move well, the harmony of colour.

Hubert de Givenchy

With great strength born of tight weaving, ‘ANKARA’ textiles are African designs printed on waxed fabric. Vibrant, strong, and colourful like Africa, they harken to the spirit of the continent in stunning patterns that sing. Enhancing the rhythm of the textiles is the backbeat of sustainability that is the heart of OliveAnkara’s credo. Quality and uniqueness are the twin drivers of the OliveAnkara brand. 

Slow Fashion encompasses an awareness of where the fabrics, dyes, and labour originate and the lives of the people who are involved in their sourcing and manufacture. OA has two goals regarding sustainability that transfer into ethical and aesthetic fashions that respect the earth and the people who choose and wear OA designs. 

Earrings from A&Saturday

Introduced just this year, Tencel™, certified as biodegradable, is made from wood pulp. The fabrics are produced in mills that are certified to only use dyes and enhancers that are guaranteed to revert to nature once their lives as fashion statements are ended. From nature and back again. In between, you are given rich, delightfully bright and compelling textiles that become unique fashions. Presented in the exclusive Ajo Aye collection, the clothing springs from a process that re-uses water and recycles solvents, thus assuring the wearer that the Afro-centric patterns and vibes are the least environmentally harmful that can be used. 

Because OA is a member of NU CYCLE, “a solutions-based waste offset service for neutralising the waste impact”, the manufacturing footprint is, again, significantly diminished. Not only does Nu Cycle AUDIT the sourcing and manufacturing of the garments, but it also assures that the end-of-life period for the textiles are taken care of by offsetting the equivalent amount of waste from the environment.

Bottom line – OliveAnkara is committed to saving the environment and producing some of the most vibrant and thrilling designs around. To give you an idea of the verve and flair of OA’s creations, have a peek at the names given to the collections: My Secret Garden; Remember Me; We are Made to Shine; Swimwear Collection; It’s Time to Feel JOY; The Reunion Affair; The Rooftop Escape; Afromono Lovers; Baju Raya. 

More than just a clothing line, OliveAnkara is a community to which you are warmly welcomed. Meet some of us:

  • ELIF – “Infinity dresses and jumpsuits. So many possibilities of wearing and they are so flattering!”
  • NINA – “I absolutely love the infinity jumpsuit. So versatile as I can go from casual chic to Queen in seconds!”
  • DEE – “Many people are afraid to wear prints as they are very easy to be recognized, so what? I wear my OliveAnkara out and proud all the time, I never get sick of seeing myself wearing them.”
  • AMELIA – “Everyone else is already taken; and there is only one you that will ever exist. Shine bravely and brightly.”
  • USHA – “Seems like the OA community already embodies the ideals I try to live up to myself – to live fearlessly, with confidence and in glorious technicolour!”
  • ANDREA – “I love that I can educate others about a different culture through my outfit.”

Get the point? OliveAnkara is something else again. Something you may not have been aware of. Now you are. “Bold Style for the Culturally Curious”. 

That’s you. 
That’s us. 
That’s OliveAnkara.

For more information, you can visit www.oliveankara.com.

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