Smooth Sailing on the SPECTRUM of the Seas

Janiqueel and her First Mate C are sailing in style on the Spectrum of the Seas eager to explore, dream, and discover.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

During our prep, before we embarked aboard the Spectrum of the Seas, we developed a checklist of the good times to come. Not to mention great food. Did I say great food? Allow me to say, the food was great. The dining venues, food options, and creative menus at each are enough to make a gourmand dream. C was excited about the food, as well, and enticed when he saw pictures or how the servers interacted with the patrons while cooking up visual and gustatory treats to delight whether you are six years old or, in my case, a tad bit older. 

But first thing first. I commandeered the roving child and, as we careened through the halls and decks, told him a bit about the ship we were aboard. I carried a ‘cheat sheet’ (the Royal app) with details to remind C and myself throughout our voyage up the Straits of Malacca.  

Born in a German shipyard, with specifications for Asian tastes and habits, Spectrum of the Seas is at home in Aisa as evidenced by her maiden voyage from Barcelona to Singapore. During the pandemic, the Spectrum of the Seas sailed from its home port, Shanghai, to Sydney, Australia with 1551 crew members. The ship and crew were there to provide complementary cruises to bushfire responders. With a job well done, it was back to Shanghai to wail out the pandemic. 

Listening politely, but longing to run at top speed, my ‘First Mate’ heard me relate that the ship is 347 metres long with 18 decks (we must have seen them all). Before he could run at top speed, C was fascinated (well, almost …) to know that the ship’s cruising speed is 22 knots – 41 kph – 25 mph. “All right, Matey. Now’s the time to explore those enticing adventures that we’ve been reading about:

The North Star

A fantastic place to start when you want to get a feel for the whole ship is perched at the end of a huge crane in a capsule with 360-degree views. Holding the Guinness record for the tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship, this is not for the faint-hearted, but NOT TO BE MISSED!

FlowRider® surf simulator

Not quite ready to stand up and surf, C had a great time trying the water with his hands and feet and standing up for a few seconds. “Surf’s Up!!” I shouted. He echoed me, and that became a catchphrase for our cruise. “Surf’s UP!”

Ripcord by iFLY’s indoor skydiving simulator

I had tickles in my tummy just from watching other people try it. Nevertheless, I delivered C into the capable hands of the attendant who held him prone and then – LET GO! That left the young adventurer suspended and floating on strong gusts of air – like skydiving but not so high.

Adventure Ocean

Kids up to 12 years of age will enjoy this play “Ocean” where they can choose what kind of immersive adventure best suits their mood. As well as being a lot of fun, Adventure Ocean, is a wonderful place for kids to meet other kids and parents to meet other parents.


With a chance to sneak away for parent duties for an hour or so, I headed for the Solarium. Situated right up in the bow of the great ship, it is always hated and offers a stupendous view of your voyage. Soak in the view and soak in the pool – it’s all right there.

Having gotten a feel for the ship, it was time to decide on our dinner venue. Spoiled for choice we considered:

Main Dining Room Gourmet Courses

You’ll enjoy the breakfast buffet in the plush main dining room. For dinner, keep a close eye on each night’s posted (or delivered to your device) menu which features international dishes from starters to the main course. 


From casual bite-on-the-run to full meals, the Windjammer specialises in quality Asian cuisine from several nations. Not Asian food for foreigners, this is the real deal. 


“Imaginative” is the key word when describing Wonderland. Here, the pros play with recipes to find new and, often unexpected tastes. Save room for the wild artistic creations better known as desserts. 

Chops Grille

For a classic American steakhouse, you won’t find a better option than Chops Grille. Ask the server about options for steak done-ness and cut. The steak experts are aboard! 


If you enjoy sushi, check out Izumi. All Izumi chefs are specially trained to ensure quality and consistency across the Royal Caribbean fleet.

The Spectrum of the Seas has so much to offer and we have delicious days ahead to savour it all. 

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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