summary of China 34 beautiful provinces

Expect… a big word that maybe feels overwhelming or enormous, perhaps impossible to achieve or maybe easy for us to think about.

For sure, China is a destination that could quickly fulfill our travel expectations, changing our perspective on what to have in such a dreamy place that we have heard about or read about throughout our lives.

Let’s get to know the provinces of China that will make us want to visit and repeat the experience whenever we have the chance.

1. Beijing!

The capital of China. It is absolutely the center of culture, economics, and politics but also a lively and crowded city, owner of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall! I mean…magnificent.

2. Shanghai!

As mentioned even in movies, the largest city of China is the financial, shipping center, trade, and economic place, a modern city that hasn’t lost tradition.

3. Chongqing!

The famous city was built on a mountain. Foggy weather has earned the name Mist City. Hot and amazing cuisine.

Photo Tianjin by Vishnu Panday

4. Tianjin!

A city with a colonial lease status, a place for people to hide their powers, feels like a foreign destination where you can admire the strange street scene.

5. Taiwan!

Each place has a different style, villages, cities, valleys, and lakes, you can find amazing markets and places to eat, and try different snacks!

6. Hong Kong!

Such huge cultural differences create a metropolis full of bustling that is never quiet. Also a place with delicious food, a vibrant place to enjoy day and night.

7. Macau!

Both low-key and luxurious senses, casinos, the top high rollers, a hint of the Mazus culture, walk through the streets, no doubt that is the best way to know a city!

8. Hainan!

Gifted with the most pleasant weather! Softest beaches, azure water, delicious seafood, and fruits. And on top of all these, the biggest tax-free zone.

9. Yunnan!

Also, with amazing weather, its people are comfortable and leisurely. Rice noodle is a common breakfast. You can also find delicious and fresh mushrooms where you can find flowers to eat. The waters of Yunnan are just full of life, and the people there are kind and simple. A peaceful and joyfully place to be.

Photo of Anhui by Joshua Earle

10. Anhui!

The elegance of Huicun and the scenery of Huangshan are both combined in this city. With its own architectural style easy to recognize, a great attraction for tourists, the hometown of rice paper and the smelly mandarin fish.

11. Jiangxi!

A rich place with various natural resources and humanities, natural relics and scenic spots, pavilions, and mountains to see and enjoy, among so many other places to dive in.

12. Tibet!

Who does not know about Tibet! A place that has become a new totem and holy place for travelers. The jaw-drop landscape and religious beliefs of its people give Tibet a sense of mystery. Along with their marvelous people and the way their lives are directed.

13. Xingjiang!

This well-cared and well-preserved flora and fauna also carries wonderful rivers, grasslands, Gobi illusions, and desert wonders, and you get to see part of China.

14. Inner Mongolia!

It is like a typical picture of northern China, with grasslands, lakes, deserts, forests, yurts, flowing cattle, and sheep that bring to life this unique space.

15. Heilongjiang!

Although it has gone through significant changes, you will find magical mountains, fertile fields, scenic lakes, and green natural pastures.

16. Jilin!

This is the birthplace and settlement of the Manchus, that once ruled China for more than 200 years. Possesses a mountain nature reserve that holds the legend of a monster. A natural mineral water, the spring scene in winter, and a reputation for poetic and picturesque style.

17. Liaoning!

A simple and natural place that shows the majesty of North China. Thanks to the proximity to Korea, the cuisine is a wonderful incorporation of this country as well.

18. Shanxi!

With a long history and rich cultural heritage. AKA as the Museum of Ancient Chinese Culture and the Cradle of Chinese Civilization.

19. Shandong!

Also one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture. Famous for its magnificent landscape and splendid civilization history.

Photo Hebei by Sam Balye on Unsplash

20. Hebei!

This one is the only province in China that includes landscapes with plateaus, hills, mountains, planes, lakes, and seashores with a famous scenic spot built on a mountain.

21. Henan!

Known as the King of Flowers, with beautiful peonies, the birthplace of the Chinese nation and dynasties established their capitals here.

22. Gansu!

With a hot and humid climate and a beautiful landscape, the most north-western part of this area is dry and rainless, like a magnificent gem with famous touring attractions.

23. Qinghai!

The “source of the river”, the natural scenery is magnificent and has the characteristics of Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

24. Ningxia!

It is the drainage water from the Yellow River for irrigation and turns it into fertile land; you can ride a camel on the dunes and watch the sunset.

25. Shanxi!

One of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization is divided into areas so, therefore, has people from different areas. The birthplace of Emperor Yan and Huan.

26. Sichuan!

A fertile land, natural resources, rich culture, long history, and standing cuisine. One of the eight best.

27. Hubei!

Known as the “Roof of Central China,” the forest area holds a variety of rare animals, with natural scenery and historical culture.

28. Hunan!

An inland province with fertile land and convenient transportation, an important place of origin and reproduction of ancient Chinese humans.

29. Guangdong!

This landscape attracts tourists all over the world. With the four famous mountains with incomparable beauty.

Photo of Guangxi by Jéan Béller on Unsplash

30. Guangxi!

A subtropical rainforest that has nurtured many precious animal and plant resources and is rich in fruits.

31. Guizhou!

The temperature difference is small, and rainfall is abundant with national-level scenic spots, which are like a string of bright gems.

32. Fujian!

With local sightseeing spots for mountains and caves. A real pleasant climate and beautiful scenery.

33. Jiangsu!

The gardens in Suzhou are the most beautiful in the country. With delicate bridges and flowing waters, exquisite and elegant classic gardens. Mausoleums of emperors and temples.

34. Zhejiang!

A pretty scenery of the West Lake with crisscrossed terraces. An island with magnificent scenery and mountain with locals developing a unique lifestyle.

Expectation! Done! For sure, China is a place that will fulfill what we expect from such a magnificent and ancient place. The variety will capture your attention if you are a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler. You will not regret it!

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