Symphony of Lights Dinner at Hutong & Aqua Luna Cruise

We missed our cruise at 7:30pm to catch the Symphony of Lights from the junk boat as we were caught up at The Mandarin Spa. The kind people at Hutong (especially Nicole) checked the next available slot for the junk boat and arranged it for us.

With its traditional Chinese setting and spectacular views over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, Hutong (胡同) has always been our go-to place to impress out-of-town guests. Named after Beijing’s iconic courtyard houses, Hutong welcomes guests at its entrance with a delicate wishing tree, open archway and glowing red lanterns hung from the ceiling.

The space is absolutely amazing – Aqua’s Hutong truly presents itself as a little hutong with wooden doorways, birdcages and red lanterns transporting you back in time! With 6,000 square feet of seductive traditional Chinese decor, the restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the stunning Hong Kong skyline perfectly. For a more intimate setting, Hutong also has three private dining rooms that seat up to 14 people each.

You can choose a 6-course or a 10-course dinner. We chose the former. Guess what? I did not take a single photo of the food or the restaurant. Come on~ those kind of photos can easily be found on their website and Facebook page no? So I placed my mobile devices aside and fully living the moment. Life should be like that.

Out of the 6 courses, here are 2 of my favorite dishes.

  1. 聖旨到 Bamboo clams spiced and steeped in Chinese rose wine and chili sauce I love bamboo clams cooked in any style. And what better way to sauté it in a generous serving of garlic – another favorite! The spiciness is enough to perk you up a little.
  2. 京城羊肉配薄餅 Crispy de-boned lamb ribs with Chinese pancakes – A house specialty, what could go wrong?


Dining at Hutong doesn’t come cheap, but remember, you’re paying for more than just the food here. They usually have some promotion so do keep a look out. If you ever have friends in town for a visit, this Beijing-style hutong in the heart of the city is the perfect place to bring them, thanks to its stunning views of Hong Kong’s skyline, beautiful décor and traditional yet theatrical Chinese dishes.

Hutong, 28/F, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong,+852 3428 8342,



After a nice dinner at Hutong Hong Kong watching Hong Kong Symphony of Lights, the people at Hutong walked us to Tsim…

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Disclaimer: I wrote this simply because I enjoyed the service at Hutong and the relaxing Aqua Luna cruise after dinner.

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