Taking the Care of Your Hair to a Whole New Level

Janiqueel looks at scientifically-based haircare technology-led and named after a trichology specialist, Leonica Kei.

For me, the working of hair is architecture with a human element. 

Vidal Sassoon

Now located at Singapore’s iconic centre of fashion and exclusive retail, the Hilton on Orchard, the LEONICA K Salon provides hair care that employs the technique and products proven to give your hair its very best treatment and follow-up care. I, Janiqueel, should know. I have sometimes been (rightly) associated with an exuberant amount of attention I pay to my hair and scalp. Guilty. I agree with Vidal Sassoon – hair is an architecture made human. I’m a big fan of the products and treatment that I find at the black-and-white design and minimalistic vibe of the newly-relocated outlet. 

Let’s start by looking at the treatment, itself where it all starts. The steps:

  • The cream is applied to the scalp (contains salicylic acid (a mild exfoliant), menthol (calming, strengthens hair and improves hair growth).
  • The cream is applied to the hair (contains rich oil, proteins, Shea butter and Elastin (helps to hydrate, repair and improve hair elasticity).
  • Under steamer for 15 minutes – the moist heat helps the cream to be better absorbed.
  • Scalp massage – this kneading movement relaxes the scalp muscles, promoting blood circulation.
  • Under infrared lamp for 7 minutes. An infrared lamp promotes healing and improves hair growth.
  • Hair-wash at basin where double cleansing takes place – hair will be shampooed twice to remove all residual cream, dead cells, sebum, etc.
  • Conditioner is applied to seal in moisture from the hair mask. This helps to repair dry/damaged hair.
  • Scalp tonic is applied. This leave-on scalp tonic contains active ingredients to protect and strengthen hair follicles. It also helps to reduce hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth.

As well as addressing overall hair and scalp health, the treatment and the follow-up products aim at minimizing hair loss, a condition that worries many Singaporeans. Controlling adverse outside influences, like pollution and oil retention that can lead to pore-clogging. Taking care of your hair under the tutelage of a trichologist is the best thinking you can do to control hair loss before it controls you. Hair loss causes stress. Stress causes hair loss. See the toxic circle? 

Relax. Put your hair and scalp in the hands of the team at Leonica K, and begin to realize that there is an answer and a way to stop the vicious cycle. As the Covid threat eases, and life – ever-so-slowly – returns to normal, we can begin to see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Take time to take care of your hair and scalp developing a consciousness of your overall health – especially important in these troubling times. 

For help on the journey, here’s a peek at five products from the Leonica K shop that I’ve found geared to my lifestyle and activities:

  • Swim Protect Sun/Chlorine Block
    Mr C and I are in and out of the pool several times each week. He loves it. So do I. All that exposure to pool chemicals and sun, though, can be damaging to the hair and scalp. Swim Protect assuages the damage as it controls decolourization and the deleterious effects of chlorine and UV rays.
  • Ultimate Hair Mask
    Apply the mask to the lengths and ends of your air, leave it on for twenty minutes, rinse off, then shampoo as usual. Deeply penetrating and nourishing, Ultimate Hair Mask uses selected oils and vitamin E to strengthen, moisturize, and BEAUTIFY your hair and YOU.
  • Silk Shampoo
    Formulated with rich oil and humectants, this shampoo is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to hydrate and repair dry or damaged hair. Protein is added to give hair the extra shine and resilience.
  • Super Shine Conditioner
    Helps to provide rich nourishment and repairs dry or damaged hair, giving your hair a healthy shine!
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizers
    Face it. Sanitizer is a part of our lives and will remain do for a long, long time. Perfume-free and blended with essential oils, this is a top-shelf sanitizer that you will enjoy using. Toss it in your bag, reach for it often, and welcome the post-Covid era.

Can you tell that I am a big fan of Leonica K? Well, I am and I think that you will be, as well. 


For more information, you may visit: https://www.leonicak.com/

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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