Talking Squats, Bends, Stretches and STYLE

Janiqueel finds that the right clothes make exercise fun and flashy.

The cuter you dress when you workout, the better you feel and the harder you work. Scientific fact.

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Unusual name — AUMNIE. Brand director, Todd Anthony Tyler, explains it this way: “ Aumnie in part comes from OM – a vibration of high spiritual and creative power -though for pronunciation we are more on an A sound then and O – Au mn ieee.” Got it? I think it’s a bit like “Janiqueel” — so unusual that once entered into the brain it is lodged there to be called up with even a tiny prompt. Mr. Tyler’s explanation harks to the essence (that’s a pun – I’ll explain later) of Aumnie, specializing in garments for fashion, action, yoga, and fitness, but with a stylish twist.

Back to that pun, I mentioned: Under the Aumnie banner, another brand, SSENTIAL (not a typo!), “…is based on the idea of basic essentials…Ssential clothing tends to be even more fashion-forward and generally made from cotton – Ssential blends with Aumnie as the pieces can easily be mixed and matched and Ssential compliments Aumnie as we have several loose pullover products that can go over your Aumnie gear as you move from the studio or gym and back,” Mr. Tyler explains. “Damn stylish! Janiqueel explains. I have the Collateral Bra, Lake (a deep turquoise-y blue/green). I love it! It moves through a yoga routine then returns to its original shape. I pair the top with Intersection Pants also in Lake. Like other Aumnie products, the pants are 4-way stretch which means they can squat, bend, and stretch without sagging and pilling. 

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So active! So groovy! So Janiqueel!!

Convinced that Aumnie was mainly for women, Ace Writer, JKJ, took a peek at the men’s collection and was happily corrected in his rash assumption. Always on the hunt for new, stylish casual wear, he was drawn to the Low Rise Cuff Pants in black partnered with a deep grey Baseball Jacket worn over an Athlete Tee, Camo. This man is ready to rock and roll and write in any tropical setting, especially those places with an over-abundance of air- conditioning!

Breathable and light-weight, Aumnie garments are ideal for any Asian climate, from the tropics of our Singapore to the comparably wintry latitudes of Hong Kong and points north. “We hope to appeal to Asian customers by listening to what they need and want in a fitness garment. Also, we hope people see and feel the quality of the garments and appreciate the fashion elements. Aumnie is a brand they can trust as we have been around for over 10 years now.” Thank you, Todd Anthony Tyler.

Ooop – Gotta run. Pilates begins in twenty minutes!

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