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What kind of massage treatment attracts you? For me, its the healing therapy. I no longer go for light stroke aroma therapy no matter how attractive is their pricing. To me, spending time out at the spa, I want to make sure I get the benefits I wanted and the time spent is well spent. So it has to improve my health and body condition, and I am not talking about temporary relieve. I wanted more, something that give me long term effect.
I used to have very bad shoulder and neck tension. Its my occupation hazzard, having to use computer for long hours daily. It was so bad that I feel the shoulder ache even by carrying my hand bag, and it is not a very heavy bag. My chiropractor told me it is my neck bones, instead of being curved, it is now straightened and need to be corrected. Spending 3 months with my chiropractor, I do not see improvement. I needed massage almost every week. Yes the tension went off during the massage. Yet when I stepped out and carry my stuff on my shoulder, the pain came back. I knew I had to do something.
Fortunately, my friend intro me to EROS. I have tried Tui Na Massage and TCM massage elsewhere. I thought it would be the same. I met Jasmine, a massage therapist with EROS. She use her skillful hand to apply Jin Luo massage on my shoulder, the first few strokes was painful. As she strokes, it eases away the pain, and became soft. She did this while she explains the condition that causes the pain. I realised that I need a lot of healing, despite my regular massage. I believe my previous therapists did not do as good a job as her.
After one treatment with EROS, I felt so relieve. The nagging pain went away. Now after 3 months with EROs, I found myself able to survive without the need for weekly massage.
EROS Beauty
156A Rochor Road Bugis Village
Singapore 188431
(Opposite Bugis MRT)
Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 600134
Tel: 6883 2313
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm

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