The Butcher’s Wife Beckons from Tiong Bahru

Janiqueel and Mister enjoy a healthy, scrumptious and gluten-free dinner

Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won’t go back!

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In a cozy corner of trendy Tiong Bahru neighborhood, you’ll find the Butcher’s wife. Talk about trendy! “A … backstreet bistro that never fails to deliver deeply hearty dishes and high-quality cooking inspired by Modern European flavors serving delicious and 100 percent gluten-free fares.”

As the gluten-free lifestyle picks up momentum in popularity here in Singapore – whether as a personal preference or due to gluten intolerance, The Butcher’s Wife joins an increasing number of worldwide chefs and restaurants to apply their creative energies to creating gluten-free menu, so even coeliac sufferers are able to enjoy the flavors, colors, and joy that food can bring.

“There is no denying that with an increasing number of people suffering from gluten intolerance, eating out can be a social problem, not just for coeliac, but for those dining with them. I see a gap in the market where gluten-free menus are usually an after-thought, and at best limited in variety and flavors. Just because you cannot eat gluten, that doesn’t mean your meals need to be dull. The Butcher’s Wife makes tasty and satisfying gluten-free food, leading the way for gluten-free dining in Singapore to thrive,” says Cynthia Chua, Founder of Spa Esprit Group.

At the heart of The Butcher’s Wife is a commitment to support the gluten-intolerant or sensitive community with a greater variety of good food. The restaurant is conceived and dedicated to diners who are gluten-intolerant or choose not to consume gluten; offering not just a few token dishes with obscure GF symbols on the menu, but the whole nine yards where every dish is prepared without a trace of gluten.

“In fact, more and more people are following a gluten-free diet for various health reasons, and the trend is set to grow. Whether a dietary choice or a medical condition, with a fully gluten-free menu at The Butcher’s Wife, poor food choices and bland tasting food are no longer a problem,” adds Cynthia.

Despite the incredible breadth of Singapore’s dining scene, diners with gluten intolerance have always had it tough, with limited choices of bland and uninspiring gluten-free dishes.   

“We hope to reinforce that eating healthily doesn’t have to mean dull and flat flavors through what we offer at The Butcher’s Wife. The restaurant offers people a common ground to initiate conversations around what it really means to indulge in food that is good for us; treating our bodies with respect, and to engage in mindful and healthy eating. We encourage people to establish a happy relationship with food,” adds Cynthia.

I got on board the gluten-free ride with these unique choices:

  • SNACK – Gluten-Free Focaccia, caramelized onions, tomatoes & basil;
  • STARTER – Chilled Almond Soup, crab, compressed apples & coriander;
  • MAIN – Sea bass “A la Plancha”, grilled baby gem, cashew nuts & citrus labneh & lobster bisque;
  • DESSERT – Chocolate Ganache Tart, caramelized popcorn ice cream.

The Butcher’s Wife is something else again!

The Butcher’s Wife
19 Yong Siak Road
Singapore 168650

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