The Graceful Swan Ballet with Evelyn Wong – Be Vibrant, Be Flexible, Be-You-tiful

Janiqueel and Mr C learn that a three-year-old can learn ballet too. 

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Three-years-old? Too young for ballet? Not according to Evelyn Wong, and she’s an expert. Her studio aptly named The Graceful Swan welcomes young dancer even as young as Mr C who, in my humble opinion, seemed to have a natural proclivity for physical, musical poetry that is ballet. 

Invited by Evelyn to join a special session with live music – a lilting and lovely violin – I, Janiqueel, took part in a Saturday afternoon delight. Too advanced for my young companion, the music and movement, nonetheless, entranced Mr C. He was charmed by watching me in all my grace and poise. Ok, I’m just a beginner, but I exemplified the credo of The Graceful Swan that age and gender are no blocks to experiencing the relaxing, creative fulfillment that comes with moving one’s body gracefully and fluidly.

Personifying the mission of The Graceful Swan, its founder, Evelyn Wong renewed her commitment to her art after an accident some years ago that left her almost immobile and estranged from the dance that had been her life’s blood. Inspired by a holistic approach to her craft once again, Evelyn found that mindfulness was an integral piece of the art which she had practised before her world changed. Self-confidence and comfort with oneself and one’s physicality are hallmarks of the training born out of a spirit of resilience.

Again, what can a three-year-old like Mr C, gain from ballet training? A simple answer is that he can gain the qualities that a person of any age can – confidence, fun, personalized instruction, mindfulness, poise, focus, and comfort. All this in an atmosphere built around music and goodwill. Evelyn says, “A three-year-old will gain the first steps in ballet and musicality, development of their motor-sensory and cognitive skills. Classical Ballet, in our Sparkly Swans Level 1 helps them to be nurtured in a way that they get to move, expand on their bountiful imagination and feel good afterwards.” 

A spirit of resilience colours all that happens at The Graceful Swan. In the context of ballet, it means that even if they cannot perfectly mater the lessons initially, they find the inner resources to finally achieve their goals. With the help of competent instruction, they do this without self-blame, but with a positivity that leads to accomplishment and satisfaction.

Balance is the core of ballet training and appreciation. Technique and fun; resilience and confidence; frustration and reward; focus and mindfulness; grace and power. The Graceful Swan.

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