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With a new baby in the house, there is barely time to rest, much less cook. But more mothers are finding relief in an unexpected source – food caterers. In particular, those that deliver special “confinement meals” to them every day.

My favourite – Teriyaki chicken cooked with sesame oil and ginger to marinate. Say no to food fatigue with The Natal Kitchen!

Confinement is a traditional post-natal practice aimed at helping a new mum recover from the rigors of pregnancy, labor and birth. You will be required to eat a variety of dishes that will “warm” the body up. These include ginger and traditional tonic brewed with herbs. They are believed to promote better blood circulation and strengthen the joints.

The Natal Kitchen is committed to making sure that you get all the proper nourishment & nutrition during confinement period to build up your health & energy in order to nurse yourself back to the pink of health so that you have the quality time to rest & care for your newborn child.

The Natal Kitchen has a selection of authentic recipes for a well-balanced nourishing meals that has been repeatedly perfected & passed down from mothers to mothers through generations. We endeavor to serve different delectable confinement dishes through the confinement period, but not forgetting the well-loved traditional confinement dishes such as pig trotter vinegar, red vinasse chicken, sesame oil chicken and rice wine chicken.

They believe in serving the best to all new mummies to help them through their immediate journey as moms to their little ones. And hence they put together Confinement Dessert (first to do this) every Friday to keep all moms in happy mood!

Snow pea

Specially using HACCP approved bento tray, I can avoid the hassle of washing after meal and also heat it up using a microwave. The bento trays are further sealed to prevent any cross contamination and therefore assuring the best food hygiene.

You must have many questions about their confinement meals. Here are some answers to your questions.

  1. Do you use MSG in your food?
    There is zero MSG used in their confinement meals as they believed in providing nutritional and healthy meals. They have very strict food hygiene practice and high demand on the quality of our confinement dishes to give mommies peace of mind and to provide them delicious and healthy confinement meals to nurse them back to health. They use only sesame oil for our cooking of confinement dishes.


  1. When can I order the meals prior to my EDD?
    You can place your confinement meal plans order anytime with them. But do give them notice of at least 2 working days, before 10am.


  1. Delivery Timing.
    Lunch is delivered between 10am to 1pm and Dinner is delivered between 4pm to 7pm.

  2. I have certain dietary restriction, will you be able to cater for my needs?
    Yes, they can. But they will need you to let us know 2 weeks beforehand so that they can plan ahead. Please specify what you cannot take. But they cannot omit the use of Sesame Oil in their preparation of the confinement meals. They are able to help omit chicken meals for mummies who had c-sect birth or even for some mummies who requested to omit pork. They do not serve any innards for a healthier choice option.
  3. Can I keep the meals in the fridge for consumption the following days?
    They do not encourage this as all the meals are freshly cooked and best consumed during the day itself to ensure that your body takes in the nutrients necessary for your body to recover from the rigor of child birth.

It can’t be a coincidence. A few hours after taking my confinement lunch on day 1, I experienced engorgement. I am not complaining but really happy that my baby have endless supply of breast milk! #strongbabyinthemaking

My favorite dishes are the chicken with ginger, teriyaki chicken and snow pea. Give The Natal Kitchen a try by using the quote “TNK20” for trial at only S$20nett (U.P. S$30nett). You can choose either lunch or dinner. And let me know how you find it in the comments below.


For more questions relating to The Natal Kitchen Confinement Meals Catering, please contact
Lynda Lim
Confinement Meal Specialist
+65 9663 4580
8A Admiralty Street #07-24
FoodXchange @ Admiralty
Singapore 757437

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