The Palm Mansion Boutique Suites in Penang

The Perfect “Jumping-off” Location for Exploring a Hidden 

Corner of Southeast Asia

One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed!

A boy can jump on a bed anywhere. And he does jump on beds whenever he gets the chance. But there is something very special about jumping on a new bed in an exotic location. In this case, Penang. Mr. C and I, Janiqueel, stayed at the Palm Mansion Boutique Suites right in the heart of happening Georgetown; we spent a marvelous long weekend. We strolled, we partied, we food-toured, we walked through a fridge door, and WE JUMPED. Well, at least Mr. C jumped under the watchful eye of his doting mother standing near to avert any mishaps. After all, this is the Official child we’re talking about.

“Boutique” is a word thrown around quite freely in the hotel trade these days. Applied to the Palm Mansion, though, the word fits well. “Small,” “Stylish,” “Trendy” – yes, yes, and yes. There are seven suites – all crafted from the original timbers and beams after a major shophouse reconstruction. Exposed bricks, open stairs, views from the upper deck, and vintage furniture all add up to a “real” Georgetown experience. Our suite was charming. The open stairs were a bit precarious for the young traveler but, once carried to the top, he loved leaning over the balustrade and enjoying a new perspective on the sofa room below. When not busy jumping, we loved the feel of the verandah on level one. Plush with plants and accommodating seating, it provided a reprieve in our busy days for a good read with a good book – always a part of our gear for travel.

We were part of a wedding reception weekend. Some of the events for which took place at the venerable E&O (Eastern and Oriental) Hotel on the waterfront. Even if one is not part of events there, it’s worth a stroll to have a pint (or two) in the old-time bar and soak in the colonial feel of yesteryear. No, Mr. C did NOT have a pint. He had a sip though at which he wrinkled his nose. On another evening, we enjoyed a pint and a sip at a speakeasy bar very near the Palm Mansion. There is a bright orange fridge near the entrance. Open the door and walk into a low-lit watering hole with patrons excited to see and hold my small friend. Speakeasies are springing up all over (there’s a couple in Sing-town), but Out of Nowhere with its refrigerator entrance is something special. Mr. C has since tried entering the fridge at home – no pints, no people, no fun! On another evening, the Palm Mansion was a convenient jumping-off location for our simply Enak food tour which I’ve described in an earlier article. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Let me close with a bit of motherly advice. Mr. C is 2 ½ years old. With supervision, he can jump on beds with abandon. Once he turns three, though, he will cease to jump on beds – mark my words. Google “jumping on beds” and you’ll see that it is NOT good for the bed nor is it good for the head (and other body parts) when crashes occur, as they inevitably will. Janiqueel does NOT endorse jumping on beds after the age of three. Before the age of three – SUPERVISE! I rest my case.

That said, both Mr. C and I strongly endorse the Palm Mansion Boutique Suites in Penang.

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