The Scary Ferry – Halloween on the Genting Dream 

Janiqueel and C are ready for a frolicking floating fright fest 

Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.

Elvis Duran

What a great idea! So great, it’s scary. When C heard about this very special cruise, he was immediately drawn to the concept aptly named “Halloween at Sea”. He’s six, but kids of any age can enjoy the decorations, treats, tricks, and terror tales awaiting the adventurers on this October odyssey. Making the cruise even more memorable was our accommodation in a Palace Suite, a spacious room with plenty of perks within an exclusive enclave, “The Palace” of our (at least for three days) grand ship.  SPOOKTACULAR!

With a queen-sized bed and a sofa more than adequate for a six-year-old and plenty of room to stretch out and unpack the gear and goodies we had bought along for the voyage, we felt we had found the best Halloween venue ever. I suppose a cold graveyard with misshapen trees and a howling wind might have been more in keeping with the spooky theme, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun. Nor would it have been as comfortable and luxurious as our Palace Suite. We knew we were in for a terror-infused treat when our check-in experience was expedited with the help of a personal butler who introduced us to the ship, the “Halloween at Sea” festivities, and then made sure that our baggage was attended to and all security procedures were done quickly. With our check-in in progress thanks to the attendant’s help, we enjoyed a super-pleasant time in the VIP lounge. C was very impressed. So was their mother, ME, Janiqueel. 

For kids like C, there were plenty of activities on tap, like making: Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns; Witch Hats; Finger Bats; and Halloween Witch Lanterns. Then add Thrilling Ghost Stories in Club Zouk, a Painting Workshop for Halloween, a Frightening Fair, and “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun” – a terrifying dance party. Little wonder that this trip is named “Vessel of the Hexed”.  Not necessarily Halloween-themed, a panoply of enjoyment offered us the chance to really dive into life aboard the Genting Dream. 

An important part of life aboard the Genting Dream is food. Exclusive access to the Palace Restaurant with complimentary dining and specialty food items (for Halloween, of course!). I opted for the healthy meal options (C didn’t). Our suite also included entitlements for other restaurants on the ship. There are many dining opportunities, to say the least. The Palace Restaurant was wonderful, but it was nice to have the choice of tasting at least a few of the delights aboard. For me and my non-drinking companion, Happy Hour with beer, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks and juices was a pre-dinner venue each afternoon of our cruise. Tasty snacks, too.

For kids 2 to 12 there is an exclusive “Kids Programme”. Add this to the Halloween activities and the “usual” sports and entertainment on the ship and you will discover that boring moments for kids and adults are very hard to find. For me, the Crystal Life Spa was an oasis of silence and calm amid the mom duties, Halloween madness, and active pursuits on the Genting Dream. Ahhhh. I loved it. The sauna, the well-appointed bathing, and to top it all off, one of the best massages on the high seas. Being expertly rubbed while feeling the vibrations of the mighty ship was, believe me, a very special experience, especially for a responsible mom who dearly loves her son, but is so happy to find a few restorative moments to herself. That was me – relaxed and restored. This is what cruising in high style is all about. A dream. A Genting Dream.

In cooking, surprising combinations can sometimes be delicious discoveries. In cruising, a combination like Halloween and the Genting Dream can be equally serendipitous.

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