The Sixth String Music School Review

Janiqueel takes a good look at the Sixth String – The guitar and Ukulele specialist in Katong Shopping Centre. For Mr C? A distinct possibility.

Things like guitars and ukuleles, you should never part with it, because there will probably be good, healthy times spent, just playing and writing.     

Eddie Vedder

Although there are no age restrictions at the Sixth String, they recommend that the youngest proteges begin lessons at about five. I just read about a woman in the USA who had her 115th birthday in August.* Yes, she’s welcome too, although she may find the trip for lessons from Grand forks, North Dakota a bit out of the way. Not a problem, though, as The Sixth String is happy to provide virtual lessons – an important accommodation in these Covid-19 days.

Getting started for adults and kids is slick and easy. “The Sixth String provides a free trial to all our potential students to understand their requirements and expectations. From there we will assign and match them with the most suitable teacher that we have. Common would be their genre – classical or pop and whether the student is playing leisure or pursuing examinations,” says May Tan, owner and founder of one of Singapore’s leading music schools.

The compact and friendly ukulele is most likely the best choice for the young beginner. It’s easy to hold, has two fewer strings than its big cousin, the guitar. Regardless of age, though, the Sixth String provides a free sample lesson to get started and will loan an instrument, as well. Once the lessons are underway, though, it makes sense for the students to have their own instrument to really ‘get to know it’, and to be able to practice at home. 

All of the teachers are well-qualified and certified. Just starting lessons, the student is assigned a teacher. As he/she progresses and discovers that another teacher may be more suitable for the skill-level, another teacher will be assigned. Like most aspects of the Sixth String school, it’s NO PROBLEM. Encouraging most students to take exams at various points in their progress, the teachers feel that it provides a chance for evaluation and recommendations for further study. If one is especially ‘exam-phobic’, however, alternate accommodations can be made.

Some learners see the ukulele as a beginner instrument. Some never tire of its unique charms. Should the student decide to move on to guitar lessons, though, there are many to choose from. And the grounding in ukulele lessons is a boon to getting started on the larger instrument. Offering various sizes and quality brands of both ukuleles and guitars, the Sixth String is well-equipped to find the right fit for every student.

Should you or your child wish to branch out a bit, The Sixth String offers lessons in drums, music theory, and piano as well as the stringy choices.

For parents who might be bringing students to the studio and leaving them there for the lessons, it is well worth noting that its location, along Mountbatten Road, is a great place to discover dining and drinking establishments. Within three blocks you’ll find trendy boutiques with an eclectic choice of cuisines and treats.

For more info, head over to The Sixth String.

*Iris Westman is happy and healthy at 115. She is among the top ten super-centenarians in the world, and the second oldest person in the USA. Congratulations, Iris!

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