The Top 50 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Forget about being one of the most important travels you will ever get to do! Honeymoon destinations by themselves are “the travel” by excellence.

People or couples, expect them with such joy and romanticism! They are one of the many dreams couples get to turn into realities.

So, just imagine, not only that unique travel being ideal, but if you add an important factor such as exotic, then it becomes an incredible and unforgettable experience with your better half!

Now, these destinations offer not only the best but the best plus one. So you can assure that this magical trip will be worth every single effort you put into just to make it happen.

Hope that you enjoy and that serves you, the enlisted 50 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations below:

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy:

Such a classical, breathtaking, and romantic scene as Positano’s Steep Village. The Moorish architecture, colorful loungers, azure waters, and umbrellas contrasting the dark sandy beaches, become the glamorous, shocking, and romantic destination you were expecting all at once.

2. Antigua and Barbuda:

Markets full of life, exotic fruits, pastel facades, pristine beaches, and limestone formations, are the essential Eden. Not to mention activities such as tennis, sailing, water-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and bocce for you to enjoy at the top.

3. Austin, Texas:

The coolest city in the Lone Star State! A different and romantic getaway to try out some food trucks, see shows, amazing luxury spas and, even window shopping to enjoy an authentic new experience.

4. Australia:

Another way of spending your honeymoon with such enchantment and vibration is to try out delicious food, wine-country, adorable quokkas, and outback and ocean adventures!

5. Baja California, Mexico:

You will find an authentic Mexican village, paired with dozens of pristine beaches for above and underwater activities. You will also find some of the best wines and food imaginable, not to mention the cool accommodations.

6. Bali, Indonesia:

No need to say that this destination is pure magic, which is a perfect place for passion. This destination offers its visitors unspoiled beaches, surfing, snorkeling, massages, culture, art music, rice terraces, and temples.

Bhutan Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

7. Bhutan:

Natural beauty is a sure thing, the miniature kingdom epic for trekking retaining a sense of culture. Ready for you to explore Buddhist monasteries, panoramas, and fortresses.

8. British Virgin Islands:

This amazing place offers to its guests, refreshing interiors, cinema, gardens, infinity edge pools, a place for beach bums to sleep in elevated tents just atop the sugary sand.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

prepare to experience the sensual tango, the nightlife in the capital city, with people coming from all around the world to dance, ideal for enjoying the vibrant culture, cuisine, and photogenic surroundings.

10. Cape Town South Africa:

Beautiful hotels with impeccable service, with gorgeous places to explore their peaks and mountains, wildlife, and coastlines. A ready-to-go adventure place and full of luxury at the same time.

11. Cartagena, Colombia:

A destination with cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and live music. Enjoy the private boat charter to a paradise Island for lunch!

12. Colorado:

it’s a stunning place in winter, full of super romantic snow, but also stunning in summer with bucolic scenes, where you can ski, bike, and hike.

13. Copenhagen:

A place with grand castles and hyper-influential designs where you can cuddle up in a top hotel with hygge style, full of candles, wine, sweets, and fire in the background.

Costa Rica Photo by Jose Acevedo from Pexels

14. Costa Rica:

It has everything for nature and adventure like surfing, an amazing rainforest, beach, creative kitchen and boutiques to connect both with nature and luxury.

15. Croatia:

A place where you can find crystalline lakes and waterfalls, as it has historical sites and ruins, sail on a yacht, tour cathedrals and unspoiled destinations.

16. Cyclades, Greece:

A group of islands with archeological ruins, stunning sunset vistas where you can explore the beauty of the surroundings on a yacht!

17. Dominica:

Rivers, streams, waterfalls, hot sulfur springs and boiling lakes, also the region’s longest hiking trails, with eco resorts, adventures but also relaxation and whale watching.

18. Fiji:

A classic exotic island, 300-plus islands, with white sand, palm trees, mountains and blue lagoons. Also you can find tropical rainforests and volcanoes with deserted beaches, sustainable cuisine and activities from diving and golf to horseback riding.

19. Galapagos:

An epic adventure, dose of nature, a cruise in a small ship, or mega yacht, with a snorkeling, kayaking gear and naturalists with sustainable culinaries programs, coffee they grow themselves, infinity pool and carbon-neutral hotel rooms.

20. Grenada:

spice Island totally untouched by hurricanes, living a beautiful place to visit picturesque beaches, colorful culture, cuisine to try and rainforests to explore.

Guatemala Photo by mike sember from Pexels

21. Guatemala:

Parts of the nation remain with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings, and other areas are thick with rainforests and layered with volcanoes. Ruins and museums, but also nightlife.


A destination for adventurers, a list of attractions, trekking, riding, exploration of caves, volcanoes, ice fields and glaciers. A land of fire and ice.


A place that balances rich ancient heritage with modern inspiring cities, also natural beauty, sake, sushi, history and culture. Tokyo, a place that lights up, and Kyoto a place with more than a dozen UNESCO heritage sites.

24. Lanai:

So magnificent, that will make you feel you traveled to another planet. Ride horses, snorkeling around dolphins, picnicking with super fresh poke, a cerulean sea, and places to eat.

25. Madagascar:

A truly spectacular honeymoon destination, from whale watching, to white sands, meurs to luxury lodges, including rainforest, open savannah, highlands and deserts, with lots of culture to explore.

26. Maldives:

Made up of 26 coral atolls, turquoise waters, extensive reefs and plenty of fresh fish and seafood. Beautiful and luxury resorts, spa treatments, underwater adventures and relaxation.

27. Mexico City, Mexico:

This marvellous place has increased in appeal, foodie, nightlife, galleries and museums. Top luxury hotel brands, glamorous and grands, a place to explore for more than a week without repeating a place!

28. Morocco:

You will find a medieval walled city, dine on incredible dishes, navigate the maze-like souks, watch storytellers and musicians perform and feast your eyes on spectacular architecture and design.

Namibia Photo by Jessie Crettenden from Pexels

29. Namibia:

Sand dunes, expansive desert, black rhino population, a world of grandiosity and serenity. Lodges and camps, remote beach fronts and in the bush experiences.

30. Napa Valley, California:

The most known American wine country is full of charm, wine and iconic restaurants, culinary art, plentiful spas, and hikes through redwoods and lakes.

31. North Island, New Zealand:

Jaw-dropping scenes and sights, lush green landscapes and cliffs, try foraging and scuba diving, ancient kauri forests and private beaches, not to mention natural beauty.

32. Paris France:

Even though one of the most visited by honeymooners, still one of the exotic and romantic destinations around the world. The City of Lights, The City of Love, which offers culture, architecture , art, food, wine and amazing and romantic spots you will never forget.

33. Portland, Oregon:

Snowy natural beauty, countless parks, bike paths, gardens, hip music, art scenes, microbreweries and restaurants.

34. Puerto Rico:

Known as the island of enchantment, resorts, lush peninsula with amazing views, plenty of activities and dining outlets. A vibrant place with enormous and enriching culture. You will find a place that will amaze you in every way!

35. Rajasthan, India:

Also a vivid and vibrant destination, a dynamic place to visit anytime. Visit rural villages and cities, go tiger trekking in the desert and tour striking architecture, luxury trappings and camel polo.

36. Rwanda:

A place where you can find gorilla trekking with overnights at a completely heavenly lodge, wildlife safaris, volcanoes, national parks, ancient rainforests and also a place for resort-style digs and enlightening artisanal and cultural tours.

37. Sacred Valley, Peru:

Located in Peru’s highlands, gorgeous valley towns where to ascend to Machu Picchu, with flawless resorts that follow a eco-aware spirit, thrilling activities, cultural traditions and pure luxury.

38. Scotland:

Wooded wonderlands, with lakes, and verdant alleys, there is something for every taste. Activities from golf to surfing with epic hotels.

39. Sicily, Italy:

Experience island and Italian vibes, with out-of-this-world food , architecture, art and ruins, also you will find colorful farm houses to sea-facing suites.

40. Switzerland:

Excess of chocolate, flowers, art, the famous Swiss Alps world class skiing and natural beauty, wine, floating restaurants, chocolate houses and an overwater hotel.

41. Singapore:

Insanely good eats, with amazing hospitality, beachy island and the famous Chinatown!

42. Southwestern Montana:

A leader for domestic honeymooners, all inclusive western ranches, authentic western adventures, and outdoor activities, fine cuisine and unmatched service.

Photo by Greenvalley Pictures from Pexels

43. Slovenia:

The central European country of castles, verdant fields, snow-capped peaks, thermal springs, and the continent’s greenest city.

44. Sri Lanka:

Rainforests, beaches, Buddhist ruins, wildlife, cities, and citadels, offers an incredible amount of diversity to visitors. Cuisine with a melting pot of cultures, temples, safaris ,and surf!

45. Taha’a French Polynesia:

This isle is known not only for its vanilla but produces rum and black pearls, overwater bungalow, and beach perch.

46. Tel Aviv, Israel:

Coastline and cosmopolitan status, beaches and incredible nightlife, delicious food, and a lively waterfront and style architecture.

Turks and Caicos Photo by Trace Hudson from Pexels

47. Turks and Caicos:

40 Islands! What an amazing destination! Coral islands, exotic and totally luxurious, resorts with impeccable views and all-inclusive rates, a massive spa, dining options, luxury villas, and yacht excursions.

48. United Kingdom:

Strolls in Hyde Park, world-class museums, celebrated restaurants, plenty of culture, and even Royals. This posh destination has some of the finest accommodations in the world. On the other hand, the countryside is more like right from a storybook. Beautiful and cozy!

49. Vancouver:

A unique setting surrounded by mountains, water, for outdoor adventures, but also lively art and music scenes. The natural beauty of this place can’t be topped!

50. Vietnam:

A place that has it all! Beaches, culture, Buddhist Pagodas, rivers, sophisticated cities, and amazing food. Also try road trips to enjoy varied markets, treks, cuisine, and memorable and ancient temples!

Enjoy the amazing travel, make it unique! Make it exotic! So many places can offer such a distinction. Take that advantage and make it yours completely by adding elements that will be a forever-to-remember moment. Make the best plus one exotic destination ever!

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