Theo eyewear likes to shuffle‏


With five primary shapes as the starting point, theo set to work. What if we tried slicing the glasses in half horizontally, and shifting the upper part a little? And so the Shuffle was born, the latest theo collection.

A pair of glasses with a bit of an edge, or perhaps an extra edge, that’s one thing you can say about the Shuffle collection, for sure. A small modification led to amazing results. The glasses are playful, light and colourful, according to your taste. And the clever design is not limited to the front of the frames. The earpiece ends in a round tip that’s sliced in two and overlapped.

In balance
It was no mean feat to find a way to logically combine the lenses with the displaced pieces. After all, the lens and frame shapes are not identical. True design innovation is a painstaking process. But we ultimately succeeded in bringing the models perfectly into balance.

New colour
, Change, Slide, Shift and Adapt are available in eight colours. And how about the new theo colour fluo yellow? It’s a little bit out-there, but then again, theo has never been afraid of trying something new.


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