TONG HENG proudly introduces "The Fabulous Land of Tong Heng": A collection of three heritage cookie flavours presented in beautiful souvenir tin boxes


Tong Heng Delicacies, a Singapore heritage brand and pioneer in traditional pastries since 1935, charts a new milestone with the official launch of their first souvenir collection on 29 November 2019. Famed for their signature diamond-shaped egg tarts and mouth-watering assortment of handmade pastries, the new collection of heritage cookies is developed for a longer shelf life even without preservatives, making them ideal for gifting, especially for visitors looking to bring home the wholesome flavours of Tong Heng to share with their loved ones.

Called “The Fabulous Land of Tong Heng”, the name evokes images of a vividly imagined landscape where stories and traditions behind each recipe are brought to life. This fantasy world has been beautifully interpreted by branding and design agency &Larry into a series of colourfully illustrated souvenir tins. The Pink Tin contains Hearty Walnut Cookies, Yellow Tin contains Golden Egg Cookies and Purple Tin contains Crispy Almond Cookies.

A well-loved homegrown brand known as one of the leading egg tart confectioners in Singapore, Tong Heng’s traditional Cantonese pastries are in a league of their own: they are handmade from scratch every day with passion and uncompromising standards, so as to deliver consistent and unparalleled freshness, flavour and crumble-in-your-mouth texture. Tong Heng pastries are the perfect comfort food and a tasty treat any time of the day to bring moments of joy. In fact, customers are advised not to keep or transport the pastries over long periods of time so that the freshness is not compromised.

“Fans of Tong Heng, especially tourists, have been requesting for pastries that can survive longer journeys so that they can bring home and share the flavours that brought them so much joy. As we set our sights on our 85th anniversary in 2020, I am delighted to be able to grant their wish with our first heritage cookie souvenir collection! For discerning gifters who favour presents with meaning and significance, our heritage cookie collection will certainly impress with its stories and traditions,” enthused Ms. Fong Choy Wah, Director of Tong Heng Delicacies Pte Ltd.

Customers are recommended to purchase a set of three different tins ($41.70), which comes packaged in a special Tong Heng printed cloth wrap (印花包袱布). Each tin can be customised using the included mini sticker sheet-cum-brochure. Alternatively, each tin ($13.90) and the printed cloth wrap ($8.90) may be purchased separately.

TONG HENG VINTAGE VAN SPECIAL APPEARANCE FOR 5 DAYS ONLY FROM 20 TILL 24 NOVEMBER 2019! The “Fabulous Land of Tong Heng” heritage cookie collection will soft launch from 20 November till 24 November 2019 in conjunction with the inaugural Chinatown Opera Festival. During this period, the heritage cookie collection will be sold exclusively from the Tong Heng Vintage Van, a unique “pop up” store for the brand! The interior and exterior of the van have been remodelled to reflect the brand’s new colours in eggshell and maroon, while the sides are emblazoned with illustrations from the tin designs for “The Fabulous Land of Tong Heng”.

Date: 20 till 24 November 2019
Time: 2.00 p.m. till 10.30 p.m.
Venue: 2 Banda Street Carpark

Manufactured in 1963, there are less than five of these vintage vans left in Singapore. Ms. Fong Choy Wah, who is the third-generation descendant to manage Tong Heng Delicacies, is the proud owner of this automotive icon, which she overhauled to delight customers of all generations. Don’t miss this chance for an exclusive ‘gram with this super-retro vehicle!

Tong Heng Vintage Van

In this Wondrous Kingdom, walnuts grow as big as hills and dazzling koi fill the lakes and streams. And the greatest wonder of all? Why, there are no walnuts in this traditionally named cookie! Made with Tong Heng’s original recipe from over half a century ago, it’s a scrumptious treat baked into a crispy shell.

Traditional walnut cookies got their name from its shape, which resembles a walnut shell. This cookie pays tribute to the Tong Heng’s humble beginnings, and continues to be one of its evergreen favourites through the decades.


In the valley of the Egg Tart Mountains, golden wheat dance in the sun and chickens frolic amidst glittering diamond flowers. Here, you can recall the taste of Tong Heng’s signature egg tarts, now in the form of a cookie! There’s no better way to take home your fondest memory of this handmade masterpiece.

You may not be able to take Tong Heng’s signature egg tarts out of Singapore, but now you can remind your taste buds of that delicious flavour bursting through these cookies! In fact, these Golden Egg Cookies were specially created from the same ingredients that go into Tong Heng’s egg tarts! It is perfect not just for tourists who want to bring gifts home, but also for Tong Heng fans to enjoy a new interpretation of their favourite pastry!


In the windy Almond Plains, fortune blows night and day, carrying the songs of lucky frogs through the rustling almond trees. Be doubly invigorated by Tong Heng’s crispy almond cookies that perfectly blend the goodness of Northern and Southern Almonds to nourish you in every delicious bite.

Chinese almonds (南杏北杏), also known as apricot kernels, is a traditional ingredient used by Chinese families in soups and desserts. Known for their nutritional value, Chinese almonds are high in protein and plant fat, and ideal for nourishing the lungs and skin. Now presented in cookie form, it delivers the same goodness with an irresistible flavour that is rich and fragrant to the last bite!


Measuring 660mm by 900mm, this gift-wrapping cloth features an exclusive design inspired by the shapes of Tong Heng’s traditional pastries. It is versatile in usage limited by only your imagination! Use it as a scarf, an accessory for bags, or as a belt; as table decoration, drape or simply to bundle household items; or even as a stylish carrier for your packed lunch!

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