Top 6 places to get your CBD fix in Hong Kong

Janiqueel lists reputable CBD Purveyors in Hong Kong that make getting started with CBDs easy, safe, and enjoyable.

The brain is about a symphony, and CBD can bring the entire symphony into harmony.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active ingredient derived from the hemp plant and does not cause psychoactive effects. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) on the other hand, is the psychoactive ingredient found in the Cannabis plant that is illegal to possess in both Singapore and Hong Kong. The dispensaries listed in this article provide CBD with zero THC content. This listicle is a guide to reliable outlets in Hong Kong.

With that up-front advice, let’s have a look at six companies, producing CBD products to enhance wellness for the body and the mind. Each of them offers high-quality products that are safe and effective:

BORN CBD Valerie and Danny are the co-founders of Born CBD Hong Kong team; BORN CBD aims to educate and promote awareness about the health benefits of CBD. Their focus is on calmness that can “…help release stress, calm anxiety and help regulate sleeping patterns for a more balanced holistic wellbeing.” All of the oil tinctures at BORN CBD are imported from the USA where they are produced. “The founders have combined extensive research with the latest technological advances to produce a portfolio of CBD products to meet consumers’ everyday lifestyle.” Also offered – Pet CBD Droplets!

CUBED“cruelty-free, 100% vegan, GMO-free and only harvested from USA grown hemp.’ Cubed is proud that its products are of high quality and have been thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories. With a focus on both CBD oil and CBD skincare, Cubed CBD oil provide a relief for people who live in fast pacing city like Hong Kong. Cubed CBD skincare provides relief for common skin difficulties like eczema and psoriasis, Cubed offers body butter and magic cream. For the best of both worlds, there is the Cubed stress and skin relief set to improve the look and health of your skin and induce a complementary calmness.

GREENRICE “Our mission is to change the perception of the hemp plant in Hong Kong and Asia – breaking the stigma around CBD.” To do so, Greenrice has curated the largest selection and endorsed established brands from the UK and the USA through its rigorous vetting process. Working with brands such as Plus and Bloomfarms, Greenrice has safety as their top priority when sourcing products. The team at Greenrice is focused on helping people make CBD part of their staple routine by introducing CBD through products such as mints or gummies (edibles), oils and sprays (tinctures), and muscle relief balms (topicals). Greennrice will be introducing more products in the next few months – so keep an eye for them!

PROJECT PEACEWith “Third Party Lab Testing” on each product, PROJECT PEACH ensures quality and consistency in its wide variety of products. You’ll find oils, face masks and bath bombs at PROJECT PEACE. “Bombs” and “Peace”?? No worries, in this context, it works! For your constant companions, there are pet oil and pet treats. For you, your loved ones, and friends there is “Hemp-infused Coffee”. Start a conversation about CBDs at your next coffee club date.

LIVING IN CBD HONG KONGHere’s an Instagram page devoted to the use of and information about CBDs. Featuring brand like CBD Medic, Lazarus Naturals, and Joy Organics the site suggests three steps: “Tell us how we can help you; Let us pick the best products for you; Payment made, we will ship them to you directly.” Providing an overview of products offered the IG menu make shopping easy. One recommendation, to use CBD with coffee is an intriguing one – promotes relaxation without caffeine anxiety. Who knew?

OLANDA INTERNATIONALOffering crams and balms as well as vaping products, OLANDA can do fast shipping from its headquarters in the New Territories. While browsing the website have a look at the “What id CBD?” section for one of the best explanations of the hemp-based product. “…hemp has become a nutritionally valuable health product, ideal for people looking for benefits from cannabis without the “high.” Within Hong Kong. Olanda provides dozens of pick-up points for orders and a variety of payment methods.

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