Top 7 Inspirational Art Podcasts to Add to Your List

Podcasts are changing the lives of people all across the globe, as more people are tuning in for their daily dose of motivation. Anyone, who wants to learn more and level up their skills in their field of expertise, a proper channel can quench their thirst for knowledge and more often entertainingly and engagingly.

Society and culture seem to be the most popular genre on this platform. No wonder, the culture and also, art is an expansive field, and even truckloads of knowledge in this arena look like a grain in the sand.

Nonetheless, there are many podcasts based on channels sharing knowledge on every niche of art encompassing from the history of arts to present-day digital creativity. However, tuning into resourceful artist podcasts will not only give you ample knowledge and reference, but it will also help you in overcoming your artistic blocks. You can find your inspiration by tuning into your favorite channel while doing their everyday chores and even while commuting to places. Here is the list of top art blogs that will keep things running for you.

The art history babes

Gear up for a chatty and lively podcast hosted by four ladies having a master’s degree in art. You will find some tantalizing episodes dedicated to famous artists such as Frieda Kahlo, O’kafee and Picasso, and Sandro Botticelli. Also, deep contemplation on contemporary animated movies and Netflix shows. As eminent art curators and experts join art babes, all the discussion on various art scenes gets exciting and, also, much fun.

The lonely palette

Much interested in the historical artwork curated at the museums, this podcast is all about adding a fresh perspective to it. Listen to what a visitor has to say about an art piece at a museum and later discover the context and social movement behind that work. This Podcast journey is an aural journey between the contemporary impressions and real perspective that goes behind famous paintings and works of art.

The jealous curator

Art for your ear – Most of the artists do not leave much knowledge, and documentation about their creative process, this can intrigue many art lovers. Well, this particular blog is an effort to reverse that. You can get to know all the inside success stories of contemporary artists, their creative process, and everything amusing and personal about them. A series of short, hilarious podcasts interviewing artists about their breakthrough moments can make you tune in to them time and again.


Curious about historic-artistic pursuits? Find all strange and odd answers on this witty informative podcast. Exploring the relationship between art and war, the aspects of shock art and many otherwise intriguing features of the Mona Lisa, all reminiscence gets better with each season and episode. This art blog is sure to add a fresh perspective to your knowledge of world-class masterpieces and paintings.

Bad at sports

Fuel your creativity with a weekly dose of inspiration through a podcast that offers everything contemporary in the art world. Joined by top curators, artists, and critics, this show provides

insights on best practices and movements all across the World. Specialist’s suggestions and feedback on exhibitions, galleries, and shows, this podcast covers all the hot trends and prospects in the field of art.

Artists Helping Artists

Get handy with the commercial side of being an artist, as this blog unravels tips, secrets, and formulas that can help you make standing in the business world of art. Learning to make use of social media platforms and fostering yourself with the advancement in the field get fresh creative insights from experienced artist Leslie Saeta. Also, ranked as top art show on blog talk radio, this untraditional show is sure to inspire you in many ways.

Creative pep talk

This podcast meant for any aspiring original artist who wants to make a breakthrough. Knowing how artists feel, what they do, how they get their inspiration working for them, are small little secrets that are let out while one is on a conversation with an excellent host. Andy J. Miller makes this podcasts beautifully intimate by adding his own stories and combining it with some exclusive interviews. You will find direct answers to many of your creative blocks in one and many of the episodes. From finding yourself as an artist and discovering your style, to thriving in your career, there isn’t any mental block that would not be addressed from its root. So get out of your head and see your brass tack queries getting prolific solutions, episode by episode.

You may feel a block for many or no reason at all. Sometimes good words are all you need to get you back to your tempo. Likewise, you can break the barrier of being a surviving artist by tuning into resourceful content and getting to know how things roll on social platforms. Not only will you get your inspiration, but also you will learn how to make better bucks by taking modern media for your advantage.

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