True Singaporean Shiokness at McDonald’s‏

Treat yourself to a familiar Singaporean flavour with McDonald’s Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers!

Whether you prefer a tender skinless chicken patty or a juicy 100% beef patty, there is a Shiok Shiok Satay Burger to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger
Enjoy a tender skinless chicken patty, topped with crunchy onion slivers, cucumber slices, and tantalising peanut sauce, as sesame seed buns sandwich this savoury combination for a satisfying finish.

Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger
Bite into a true meaty sensation! Fresh onion slivers, cucumber slices and perfectly blended peanut sauce crown a pair of juicy100% beef patties – all housed between fluffy toasted buns.

If that is not enough, our Smokey Drumlets (2pc) available from $2, will fire up your tastebuds with succulent chicken drumlets marinated with smokey spices like black pepper and paprika that will add an irresistible spicy kick!
Cool down the fire with a refreshing Strawberry McFizz™ available from just $2.70, as this fruity strawberry-flavoured delight is guaranteed to put the cool in your day. Finally, go bananas over our sweet treat – the Banana Pie, with its luscious mashed banana filling enclosed in a crispy pie crust, available for just $1.

The new Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger Extra Value Meal and Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger Extra Value meal which includes a Medium French Fries and Small Coke is available from $6.60 each. The ala carte Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger and Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger is available from $5.50 each.

Photos credit JJ Ho.

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