V Apparel From Hong Kong – OUT of the Ordinary – INTO Action Fashion – FOR the Extraordinary Woman

Janiqueel looks at a new brand of activewear designed an built with the new self-loving, active woman in mind

At V Apparel, we believe every woman’s body shape is unique and beautiful. Every woman deserves to feel her best and be encouraged, supported and inspired by other women. More love and less criticism, please!


Just one look. That’s all it took. Just one look at the V Apparel website 


Showed me that there was something different. Another active wear brand, for sure, but one with a unique take on who will be wearing the apparel. Real people, it seems. Real women of various shapes and sizes all of whom are aware of their bodies and proud of them too. The video charming video shows the women enjoying the Hong Kong day in the streets and in the gym. Their clinging workout clothes complement their shapes and leave them free to bend, stretch, pull, and reach for the sky on their way to fitness and self-appreciation. That’s what I like about V Apparel.

Janiqueel asked founder, Valentina (the ‘V’ of V Apparel, I’m thinking) a few questions about the philosophy and details behind the brand. Good enough to take time to answer our queries, Valentina provided real insight into what guides V Apparel. What distinguishes V Apparel for other sportswear products?

V Apparel is the traditional activewear which emphasizes heavily on performance and function. Activewear has become part of our daily life, we want to style it up and make fashion meet function. You can wear our tops to go to night clubs as well as a yoga studio.

Hey, I’m ready to wear the tops to a night club tonight!

Valentina’s reply to our query about the models on the website is indicative of the philosophy behind the brand – a viewpoint that accentuates the real feel of V Apparel.

We have models from all over the world. We don’t want to have particular criteria for selecting our models. We want to include ALL women of all shapes and sizes. We feel it is important to celebrate our differences in all aspects of life including body shapes.

I get it. This is for real women. V Apparel believes that “every woman’s body shape is unique and beautiful.” With that thought in mind, I did a little online shopping. Based in Hong Kong, the company is ready and willing to ship internationally with a 14-day return policy.

For that top to wear to the night club or the gym, I chose the ‘famous’ off-shoulder bra in Lilac. I love that colour and, I admit it, I was influenced by the vivacious model who sports it. The artistic strapiness at the back will make this an eye-catcher. Also in Lilac, the Contour Me Leggings complete the ensemble. The leggings’ high waist and technical, supportive fabric flatter one’s shape no matter what it may be. We asked about the “bum-sculpting leggings”. How do they sculpt one’s bum? Valentina:

Two things basically. Firstly it is the fabric, it must be a four-way stretch and not too thin or too thick so it hugs your natural shape as it were.  Secondly, it is the design, we have fine-tuned the cutting and design in that area and created a ‘lifted’ illusion of your bum.

Sold! Look for me on the yoga mat of the dance floor. I’m the one in Dusty Pink.

To complete the look, I love the Backless Seoul Tops. In Olive to complement the Lilac, please. I’m encouraged, supported, and inspired! Should I venture out of the tropics, I’ll pack a Bomber Jacket in Olive.

I’m loving it! I’m loving’ me!

With writing and research help from JKJ.

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