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Well Collective offers great vibe amazing food

With a trendy ambience in a happening part of the city, a bright new restaurant serves up creatively-designed dishes

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you step through the door. Well Collective of Singapore is a bright new face on the northern dining scene. With a brand new modern vibe accentuated by softly-lit straw mats, smooth concrete, tone-perfect fabrics, and light – lots of light! Based on a bright idea to provide an inviting, relaxed space for friends to gather, the bright, open-plan space is a prod to open-thinking. Sit back and enjoy!

So is the French/Japanese-inspired menu overlaid with a variety of plant-based and gluten-free options.

Oh, and not to miss an important angle of the new dynamic – PETS. With a pet-groomer and animal clinic in the same complex, was happy to invite guests and their “pawrents” to dine in a sheltered area. Whether this innovation will last beyond July 2022 is an open question at this time. It’s a good idea. My furry friends hope it lasts. 

Things are moving quickly as the Collective gears up for its formal launch soon, very soon. In anticipation, let’s have a private peek at the soft launch menu which will serve as a harbinger for the main menu to follow. You’ll notice that gluten-free and plant-based options are prominently featured as is vegetarian/vegan. They’ve got the right dynamic for the new frontier.

Are you ready to be hungry? Fair warning – you will be.

Let’s take a menu tour:


  • Yes, there is a deli with two enticing choices – Japanese Chicken Curry Sando, which is a clever take on a standard Japanese lunch item. Distantly related to its sub-continent origins, Japanese curry has a unique taste. Served on a toasted sourdough bun with honey mango, mayo, and lettuce, it’s DIFFERENT. 
  • The other choice? No-chicken Katsu Sando (vegetarian/vegan) with pickled daikon. That pickled daikon is a taste treat in its own right. Here, my tart little condiment friend has found a way into a sandwich on signature sourdough bread. Oishii ne?

The Daily Big Breakfast:

Six standards like scrambled eggs, avo toast, steak & eggs, etc. but each with its own taste twist, like

  • Grandma Lee Chicken Congee Southeast Asia in a bowl. Slow-cooked and so good for you. 
  • Truffled Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon Toast. You know what to expect, but here it’s done just right. Served with black caviar – that’s the taste surprise.

Mains – of the six mains offered, four are vegan:

  • Yaki Udon is loaded with veggies. For extra protein, chicken, plant-based chicken, and prawns are on offer. 
  • Mushroom Aglio Olio adds sundried tomatoes and garlic for a savoury Italian mode.
  • Well Daily Protein Bowl Start with a mixed salad or quinoa kale base and add any of five proteins, and three extras and you have a bowl to remember. 
  • Truffle Mushroom Pasta truffles, mushrooms, eggs, and cream. How can it miss?
  • Truffle Beef bowl and a Barramundi are the non-vegan items completing the menu. 

For DRINKS, there is a wide selection of coffees, teas, wines, and cocktails. Might I recommend the Kono Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2020, New Zealand? Savour it …

Fresh. Soft. Fruity. Crunchy and Crumbly– bread, cakes, and WAFFLES round out the menu.  Oh, and what waffles! Four choices: Belgian Chocolate & Berries; Salted Caramel & Banana; Vanilla & Strawberry; smoked Salmon & Eggs. The names make my heart go pitter-pat. And if my heart is pitter-patting, imagine my taste buds!  

And then there are CREPES. Have either the savoury or sweet and taste the French part of the fusion. N’est-ce pas beau?  If I were at Well Collective right now, I’d have the Salted Caramel with Apple Compote. Right now! Please!

Try a brand new style with unique tastes in a clean, bright ambience. 

If you have time, check out the Well Collective on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest happenings and menu updates. 

I think you are going to LUV IT!

Well Collective is located at Northshore Plaza II #02-11/12.

Research and writing help from JKJ

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