What I Wish People Knew About Self-Pleasure

Depending on the negotiation with ourselves, so to speak, the mere self-intention, is still a struggling situation for some people. If we talk about self- care, self-promotion, self-heal, etcetera, we strive on extremes in which either we “self” too much or too little.

There are two ways, either we only make it about ourselves, or we almost forget about ourselves.

Thankfully, there are new methods on making this kind of self a more balanced way to live.

Talking about? Everything. How to deal with care, job, health, sex, opportunities, and so on.

As part of Sexual Health Awareness month, we focus on a very specific topic and yet mythical. (Still!)… Self-Pleasure.

Not only to get to know this better, but to realize the many ways we can actually enjoy pleasure in a “self” way. To unmask the maybe typical manners and to discover new ones to explore ourselves.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

People should realize there are more paths to self-pleasure than fondling one’s genitals. Caressing all parts of the body (hair, butt, nipples, etc) for pleasure; using sex toys or other objects for stimulation; massage oil and lubes strategically applied; these are some of the ways to feel fulfilled.

So is experimenting with different sensations across your body, like soft or scratchy materials and cold and hot objects. Use your senses and imagination to realize new paths to self-pleasure other than just touching. Beyond physical sensation, try reading, looking at, or listening to, sexy creations – erotica or music – or fantasize situations that turn you on. You and your imagination are in control.

As usual, we try to guide you or show you pointers on each topic for mutual aid.

Here are 10 things on What I Wish People Knew About Self-Pleasure:

Brain! Imagination! The most important of all.

Even more to understand that it should let us be free to accomplish the wonders that happen once we let this marvelous organ to work in our favor. Pleasure plays a crucial role when it comes to senses and sensations.

Care about all parts of the body.

We should be conscious that pleasure is not enclosing only one place or part of our bodies. The hair, neck, ears, nipples, stomach, waist, and butt, are erogenous zones that learning how to stimulate them, makes a big difference when we spoil ourselves into pleasure.

Don’t be afraid of sex toys or stimulating objects.

Using them correctly, these are powerful tools to provide amazing amounts of sensations. Don’t be afraid of using them because “they say ” once you use them, pleasure won’t be the same without them. Remember your brain is the first one that works for this. Find your hot spots to trigger every time you feel like.

Massage oils and lubes.

Applied to the correct places, they are amazing starters to feel plenty of pleasure all over your body. Hot oils without burning but warm sensation, makes your entire body get ready for the mood. Lubes will help to enjoy avoiding feeling discomfort in any way or place.

Soft and scratchy materials.

The feeling of these two on the largest organ of your body, which is your skin, will make the rest of your erogenous zones to work as soon as you feel the first hint of pleasure. Make sure not to turn it into an irritating session, so you will tremble and not shudder in panic or pain, but instead to feel in heaven.

Hot and cold objects.

There are three optional ways to use them. To start with one of them or vice versa, and to combine them alternating both sensations. The changing of the temperature from these applied on your body, will create a double alert that in the right zones, will awaken the many nerve endings that will lead you to satisfaction in more than one way.

Senses to create new paths.

Using all of them will lead you to create your own road to pleasure. Like a new or unexplored way to get to a destination in each one of your trigger zones to connect every sense with each other and find out the most erogenous part of yourself. The combination of all of them, results in an incredible and unexpected ectasias.


Erotic books or novels, even magazines, will give you a repertoire of possibilities on sensations without even exploring them yet. This will exercise your brain to move to the expected mood to lead you to self-pleasure. Don’t be afraid to try them and to feel!

Watch useful material.

Erotic movies, videos or even shortcuts, will place you in a position where you can feel through imagination from just watching something that will wake you in a sexy mood and erotic feelings. You decide the tone to explore and feel at the same time that you watch something and enjoy it.


Closing your eyes while you hear music that makes you feel on a sex or sexy mood will make you feel as if you were in the place to experience pleasure. It is not limited on erotic or sexy music, but sounds that will recreate sensations in your body by just listening to it. You could be an auralist.

So be free to experience and indulge yourself with the right pleasure for the right person! You own this and you control it! Make your brain, along with the rest of yourself and the most accurate tools, to make self –pleasure best friend’s for your purpose and your goal to enjoy it in so many ways!

Photos by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha.

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