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My latest travel pal

I’ve traveled with portable WIFI devices before, but the latest TravelWifi Portable Hotspot is the best yet. I’m talking: Up to 4G LTE Speed, Flexible Data Options, Delivered to Your Home, Connect 5 Devices, Long-Lasting Battery, Password Protected, and CloudSIM Technology. Factor in affordability, and ease of use, and you’ll find traveling with your own hotspot is the way to go.

It works like this, YOU:

  1. pick up the device or have it speedy-delivered;
  2. choose the right data plan for your travel or home circumstances;
  3. Collect your package delivered quickly;
  4. Connect to WIFI!

At first glance, I found a small, orange device about the size of a smartphone. To say the least, it is dead easy to pack or have in your pocket. Choosing a data plan was no problem. The TravelWifi site helped me narrow down my destination countries. Then, I was shown a list of countries with special plans for each listed. The range of 130+ countries available was impressed. Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, is well covered, as are the States, and Europe. Once set up, I connected and found it easy and very quick. Speed of service and connection is another factor in the little device’s favor.

I’m set up with a reasonable rental plan for my portable hotspot. When I’m home again, it’s easy to bring the device back to the shop or have it returned. I was pleased with the instructions to do either type of return were clearly given in the box. Avoiding these little distractions and troublesome details is the key to comfortable travel. For my three or four yearly overseas gigs, the rental plan works very nicely. 

For those whose travel is more frequent the option to buy your own device is also affordable. Safe, secure, and ready to go. Your own hotspot! This is a travel dream come true, my peripatetic pals.

Here are more good points about TravelWifi:

  • No more SIM card switcheroos. The divide will find out where you and it are, then connect to an appropriate server. And you don’t have to fret about losing tiny SIM cards as you journey.
  • You can connect any Wifi-enabled device. In fact, you can connect FIVE at a time. Take them all to that cute little cafe in Amsterdam that you like so well.
  • Lasting at least six hours and up to a full day, the battery is robust. Bringing along a power pack will give you more freedom and less worry.
  • If you make calls via Wifi, then you can make them with your little orange friend through Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, GoogleVoice, etc.
  • A TravelWifi Hotline is available 24/7 for help or an email service is also on hand to handle non-pressing questions and to give advice.

The days of feeling like you’ve left the surface of the earth when you travel are, thankfully, past. With services like TravelWifi, you can take your personal or professional contacts along. But remember to cherish your time in foreign lands and turn off all those devices once in a while knowing that you can be in touch anytime anywhere when you want to.

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