Yoon Salon: Plan A Fun Outing With Hair Therapy

Janiqueel visits two Yoon Salons. She has her hair professionally coiffed and enjoys a feel-good nosh during the same Me-Time outing.

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

If you need a quick hair shape-up, trim, perm, dye or touch-up, YOON is for you. If you have a hair or scalp issue that requires expert consultation, treatment, and follow-up, the professional salon is for you. Offering a wide range of premium treatments and quality products, they are a Singapore-based business catering to the unique needs of international clients in a tropical setting. Services including cut and blow, colouring, highlighting, rebonding, perming, and a range of specialised hair and scalp treatments make them one of the premier hair care businesses in the Garden City.

Catering to the modern, busy woman, the brand currently has three salons strategically located in central Singapore business and entertainment hubs. All three open at 11 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. The savvy woman on-the-go will see an opportunity here. Combine a salon visit with lunch, snack, or dinner! Brilliant! And, guess what – these days we can actually EAT-IN at our favourite spots for a nosh-capade. Enjoy some me-time or invite a friend for a style and bite – remember this is about YOU. Go ahead, spoil yourself a bit. You deserve it.

Not far from the Alexandra road IKEA store and close to Holland Village and the Botanic Garden, the branch at QUEENSWAY SHOPPING CENTRE is far enough out of the city centre to be a bit more relaxed, yet close enough in to be convenient. While attending to your styling needs, you may suddenly think about your exercise needs. You can just step out to find the shopping centre as a trove of outlets for fitness gear from clothes to sneakers. For lunch or dinner, before or after your styling, use the pedestrian bridge to cross over the Alexandra Road to the unpretentious but highly regarded Joe’s Thai Kitchen for some of the best authentic Thai food that Singapore has to offer. 

In the heart of central, the outlet in MIDPOINT ORCHARD is where hustle meets bustle. Fashion and style converge here, as well; a good place for the fashionable stylish to be. Make your styling appointment late afternoon-ish and show it off at one of the zillions of F&B choices nearby. In the main concourse, you’ll see Ji Biru Yakitori and Craft Beer pub. Great Japanese dishes, a wealth of craft beers (many of them Japanese), and super-generous happy hour from noon until 6 p.m. Choose a bench near the concourse. You have a new hairstyle to flaunt then!

Near Clarke and Boat Quays, Havelock II is “an integrated lifestyle hub” and the home of another outlet. Let’s say you have had your locks professionally catered to and would rather avoid the busy-ness of the quays and just have a healthy meal nearby. You won’t go wrong with a visit to Genesis Vegan Restaurant in Havelock II. Offering Korean, Singaporean, and Italian dishes (all vegan). 

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Yoon Salon: Their Expertise

What separates the professionals from other professionals within their industry is the range and expertise of their services:

  • Premium Hair Cut: more than just a quick chop, they offer consultation based on “your face shape, complexion, and personality”. Their stylist will recommend a style that best suits you. Experienced in a wide range of techniques the stylist will meticulously cut and trim to match your pre-planned desires. Before you’re done you’ll have a chance to evaluate and fine-tune the cut. Kids are welcome as well. Ages two to sixteen qualify for a child’s cut at a special price.
  • Premium Colouring: For grey hair covering, hair root retouching, and one-tone covering. Knowledgeable experts are ready to promptly attend to your needs. After selecting and blending the multi-tonal dyes, the stylist will painstakingly apply it to your tresses depending on the pre-chosen desired look. Placed into a thermal machine to set the dye, the treatment will be deep-seated into the cortex layer to achieve a natural-looking final product.
  • Premium Creative Colouring: While Balayage is a technique to colour the tresses in vertical sweeps, Ombre is more horizontal. Google says, “In short, Ombre is a bit more of a style; Balayage is a technique.” Your stylist will explain the differences in more detail. Suffice it to say, though, the salon offers both. This is for those who desire a multi-chromatic effect in their locks. Again a thermal machine at the end ensures that the colours deeply penetrate. Get ready – You will be noticed!
  • Premium Perming: So many choices, but not to worry, their professionals are there to guide your through the options – Go for a Korean-style C-Curl or S-Curl Perm; Or perhaps a Korean Wave Perm; Japanese Perm; Root Volume Perm; Pin Curl Perm; Twist Perm; Classic Perm. Many choices – one is just right for YOU!
  • Premium Rebonding: Straight rebonding or soft rebonding, it’s all about straightening to get rid of the frizz and the frazzle or to attain a different look. A straightening solution is first applied directly to your tresses in a gentle manner. Then your hair is straightened using professional equipment. After that, a final neutraliser is massaged in to achieve the desired look. Silky Shiny Silky.
  • Premium Creative Shaping; you’ll start with rebonding on the top of your beautiful head of tresses, Then, at the bottom, perming gives waves and curls. The results are natural-looking, easy-to-manage, soft and voluminous. You’re gonna like it!
  • Premium Scalp Treatment: “You will achieve a healthy, oil-controlled, and anti-dandruff scalp.’ This massaging technique nourishes and cleanses the scalp. It also treats oily, dry, and sensitive scalps. And it feels so good!
  • Premium Hair Treatment: This overall treatment repairs, smoothens, and strengthens your hair cuticles. A sealing serum is applied to add gloss and strength to any locks. Then you can start dreaming of colouring and rebonding.
  • Premium Bleaching: Once you’ve decided to go several shades lighter, the professionals will guide you through the process of blending and applying the bleaches. Then only they will carefully dry your processed locks under the thermal machine to allow the bleach to deeply penetrate. Naturally-looking the results will wow you and those around you.
  • Premium Wash and Blow: Following a deep, deep cleanse, your consultant will massage your head, neck, and shoulders. “This eases the tension in your muscles, stimulates blood flow to your scalp, and promotes hair growth.” So relaxing.

Be assured, once you have decided to visit one of the Yoon Salons, you have indeed made the right choice. Have lunch. Have a snack. Have dinner. Style your locks. Indulge a bit. Enjoy yourself. You are special!

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