YOOWIFI Best Choice for Connected traveller like YOU

Janiqueel looks at a new state-of-the-art option for staying connected on the go

This is hands down the BEST pocket wifi I’ve ever rented. The battery seems to last FOREVER, not exaggerating. Expected it to run out of juice in 8 hours. But it was still going strong even after 12 hours of non-stop usage. Super impressed.

Chloe – a satisfied YOOWIFI user

Whether you are an inveterate traveller or venturing for the first time, travelling to foreign lands can be daunting, especially considering the busy life you are leaving behind. Staying in touch while roaming abroad is now easier than it ever has been.

Sometimes called a ‘WIFI Egg’, ‘Portable WIFI’, or ‘Pocket WIFI’. There are many devices to choose from these days, each promising to bring connectivity to travellers like you who may long to “wander where the WIFI is weak”. But know that reality dictates that most of us are most productive and calmest when we know that our cloud world is just a click away. Even on holiday, it’s good to know we can be in touch with the world while we are a ‘world away’.

Many devices are available now that make it easy to stay in touch. Of the ones I’ve tried while travelling in Asia and Europe, however, YOOWIFI offers the features that I have learned to appreciate:

  • Ease of pick-up and return;
  • Great connectivity;
  • Convenience in a slim, elegant design;
  • Easy Connectivity with other devices;
  • Unlimited 4G Internet;
  • Reliable access to family and friends at home;
  • Simplicity of use.

Using the Yoowifi app, I browsed through many usage plans (with prices) organised to provide the right one for me. Then I reserved a device. Continuing the smooth, user-friendly process, Yoowifi offers delivery to your door or, if you prefer, self-pickup at a variety of locations. Returns can be made via postal mailer bag, courier services, or self-return. 

While you are on the go, the Yoowifi app provides the opportunity to top up data or extend your stay with a “New Trip”. It’s about as easy as it gets, especially when considering the benefits of being in touch while on the road.

So, if you long to “wander where the wifi is weak”, please do. However, if you are like most of us, you don’t want to ditch your cloud life even while you are far away in place and time. With destination packages for Asia, North America, Oceania, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the Middle East, there is one to suit your roaming needs. Should you be planning a trip to Antarctica or the Arctic, then you will be wandering where the wifi is weak. All the best to you. Upon your return, though, and on subsequent, less-arduous adventures, you’ll find YOOWIFI to be a dependable, cost-effective, comfortable companion.

For more information, visit yoowifi.com


Research and writing help from JKJ

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