10 Crosswords Best for Primary School Kids

Crosswords are part of brain teasers that activate your students’ brains and enhance their learning. They can serve as an additional exercise for primary school kids on top of their regular classwork. While solving crosswords, the kids will improve their English skills in various ways.

But crosswords can teach your kids any topic in any discipline and not only English. One thing to remember, though, is that the type of crosswords you pick should be suitable for their level of education and age. In this post, we uncover 10 of the best crosswords that are suitable for primary school kids.

As a parent, you can find different crossword puzzles to engage your kids during the holidays or weekends. No one can argue about crosswords being a fun way to help your children to learn faster while away from the ordinary classroom setting.

Here are 10 crosswords to pick from to teach your primary school kids at home. You can even use them as homework for your learners as a teacher. They will engage your students and keep them hooked to the topic they are learning.

1. Names of Shapes

Kids in their early primary school days need to learn the various shapes. It is essential for developing their literacy that will help them as they progress in education. Shapes also help kids to describe things they see around.

The shapes puzzle teach kids to memorize the names they learn in class. When they are not sure of the right name for a shape, the filled out boxes will help them get the right word.

2. Opposites

For kids that are learning a language, they need to improve their vocabulary list. When they learn a word and its function or meaning, it is ideal for them to know the opposites as well. When they have learned the opposites, your kids will avoid most of the sentence construction and word choice mistakes in their conversations and writing.

3. Means of Transport

Your kids can learn the various types of transportation using a simple crossword. The crossword can have pictures of road, water, and air transport means. As they learn to fill the grids and learn the names, teach the kids the purpose of each vehicle they discover. The Irish crossword 911 clues will help you create simple crossword puzzles for your kids if you do not have access to some.

4. Food Crosswords

Do you want to introduce your kid to simple cooking? Then teach them the names of various foods first. When they know the food, they can learn faster how to prepare the dish. A simple food crossword should have drawings representing the foods and clues to help your kids learn the food names. Start with the common food items they see and use in your household.

5. Pets You Keep at Home

Primary school students know the names of domestic animals. But this crossword aims at expanding their knowledge and vocabulary related to pets. While starting with the names of various pet names will open up their familiarity with domestic animals and pets, you can move a step further and help the kids to learn more about the animals.

You can ask them to complete the crossword with the names of the sounds that animals make. Female names and the names of the young ones will also add knowledge to the learners’ vocabulary list.

6. Fruits

The next time you want to send your kids to the grocery, you do not want them to buy the wrong fruits. Teach them the names of various fruits, their shapes and sizes, and color. Teach them which fruits they can eat raw and which need to be cooked before eating.

7. Body Parts Crossword

We cannot forget the parts of the body when handling crosswords for primary school kids. How else will you tell them to wash their hands if they have no idea what hands are? The body parts crossword can help your kids learn the difference between the various related body parts like the arm and hand.

8. School Supplies

Your primary school kids need to know the various items they use in the classroom or within the school premises. A simple school supplies puzzle will teach kids clues to identify books, crayons, pencils, desks, flag, and more things within the school compound.

9. Colors

All parents and teachers should use colors to enhance the kids’ learning progress. A simple color crossword puzzle will teach pupils different types of colors. Ask them what colors they like. Those are the colors that can boost their mood and memory power when they are in class or at home. Learn together to identify the colors and their names, then paint their rooms to make a welcome learning environment.

10. Math Puzzles

It is not all the time you will be teaching vocabulary. What if you shifted and taught simple Math operations using crossword puzzles? The puzzle will help the kids to ensure that they have the correct answers for each question because getting it wrong will not agree with other answers.

The advantage of Math crosswords is that you can create it from scratch and include as many equations as you may need for your class. The only limitation you can experience is your creativity.


Crosswords are powerful tools for learning. Primary school kids need simple puzzles that will adapt them to the world of unlimited crosswords. Encourage your students to try and complete all the questions in the crosswords because their learning and skill development depends on their devotion.

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