4 Lifestyle Tips for Organising a Small Bedroom

It’s so much harder to keep a small room neat and organised due to the space constraints. It can quickly get too crowded and cluttered when there’s not enough space for your clothes, books, and other stuff. 

To have a good night’s sleep, you need to be smarter and more strategic to achieve a clutter-free bedroom. If you don’t know how to do that, though, we can help.

Here are some tips on how to organise a small bedroom and make it more spacious — to let you have a place where you can move, rest, and sleep comfortably. 

1. Be minimalistic 

You may not immediately notice that there’s unnecessary furniture in your bedroom like a vanity table or a large wardrobe. They might look good in magazines but for a small space, they’ll only make your room look messy. 

You won’t need a lot of things beside your bed: a little space for essential items while you’re sleeping would be fine. This includes water, tissues, a desk lamp, etc. 

There’s also no need for a separate desk or extra dresser: you can use nightstands with large and deep drawers instead. This way, you can have some additional space. 

Besides, the specialists at Singapore Pest Control say that having less furniture reduces the risk of pests hiding in your place — especially in old furniture pieces. 

So as much as possible, use multi-purpose furniture like a table or bed with drawers. 


2. Maximise the space under your bed 

If you can store some stuff under your bed, use the space wisely. You can place shoes that you don’t often wear as well as off-season clothes in there. 

Make sure to use wide and flat plastic boxes to keep such things sorted and free from dirt and dust. You may also store other stuff like luggage, linens, toys, or books under your bed. 

You can find plenty of affordable storage boxes at your local home store, by the way. 

3. Declutter regularly 

Always remember that a small room can easily become messy, despite not having too much stuff. So, allot a certain cleaning schedule to your weekly routine. 

If you have tons of paperwork or stationary tools on your desk, make sure to clear them away after working or studying. Use file organisers, pen holders, or floating shelves — instead of buying them, you can even make DIY storage, saving you from additional costs. 

If you’re used to collecting physical billing statements and receipts, it’s now time to move to digital storage. You may opt for a paperless billing system where you’ll get email notifications instead of mail delivery. 

For the receipts, you may take photos of them, then store them in your local drive. You may also use straw baskets to hide your laundry.

In addition to keeping them organised, you should also clean all room spaces and corners to maintain a healthy environment. It’s easy to get sick in a small room filled with dirt and dust. 

Don’t forget to wash and clean your bedroom curtains, in particular: they tend to harbor a lot of dirt and that’s not good, because dirty fabrics can cause allergic reactions and other health risks. You may ask for a Singapore Curtain Cleaning service to ensure fully cleaned curtains, for instance. 


4. Use various storage solutions

With a room that allows few storage options, you need to be smart and strategic in using each space. For example, take advantage of vertical storage space when considering different storage solutions. 

However, don’t fill your bedroom with lots of shelves and boxes — it’d be a help to know some easy tricks as well. You may use some clothes-folding techniques to save space in your closet or store off-season clothes in your luggage.

You can also use the back of the door as a coat rack or storage for accessories. Just install a hanging rack or clothing hook to sort them accordingly. 

Anyway, all of this shows that you don’t have to spend a lot for additional storage solutions just to keep your room organised. With simple and easy tricks, you can have a clutter-free space where you can work and study without being distracted by a bunch of stuff lying around your room. 

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