4 reasons to stay at Ramayana Suites Bali Magic

Janiqueel treats Mr. C and herself to six days on a magic island.

And like tea dissolving in hot water, the sun dissolved in the sky… creating a velvet horizon, announcing for the stars’ night dance with the moon, the awaited joy for the wounded souls.

From Bali – The Rebirth. –Abeer Allan

“Ramayana.” What a beautiful name! Say it under your breath again and again as you dream of the soft sands and the sunsets of Kuta Beach, Bali. “Ramayana – Ramayana – Ramayana” Feel it? That’s Bali magic! Mr. C and I discovered the enchantment on an extended stay in paradise. We were in the Ramayana Suites & Resorts and couldn’t have been happier to be right there on this tropical island just a stone’s throw from Singapore, yet a world apart. 

For four days we were ensconced in a Deluxe room opening to a lush garden; far enough from the beach hubbub yet close enough to take part in the hubbub or to have a quiet stroll beside the whispering surf at sunset or dawn. We did that. We strolled and tried to drink in the reality – we were in the storied isle of Bali. It wasn’t reality, though. Mr. C and I were in a dream.

After our strolls, we returned to our spacious room. If Mr. C were asked – and if he could articulate his answer – what his favorite feature of the room was, he would answer (reason 1) “water dispenser”! He loved pressing the spigot and serving himself. I loved the fact that he was hydrated and could have warm formula milk. Hot, Room Temperature, and Cold choices at our fingertips – a small, but a well-appreciated room amenity. Another small, pleasant detail complementing our stay was the (reason 2) Sensatia bath products. Sensatia is “…a village-based, profit-sharing company”. I liked knowing that, and I liked one more example of the attention to detail that was a hallmark of our Ramayana Suite.

Well attended to by the in-house (reason 3) Gabah restaurant for breakfasts and room service, we roamed around for lunches and dinners. Janiqueel has supplied a handy guide to the ten restaurants in the Rama chain. I won’t enumerate them again except to say that some of our favorites, like Seafood House, al Dente, Bluefin, and Flapjacks (number one choice for Mr. C) are just a hop, skip, and (you guessed it) a jump down the street from the Ramayana Suites. So convenient, eh? We built our own food tour every day finding something new an appealing at every venue.

Quite satisfied to poke around Kuta and the hotel, we didn’t roam far from our home away from home. Should we have felt wanderlust, however, there are options available like day-trips to Ubud or temples, cooking classes, bike, and scooter tours, and for the adventurous – surfing classes. Give him a couple of more years, and thrill-seeking Mr. C will want to try them all. I see him on a surfboard waving at Mama on the shore.  She waves back and thinks of the wonderful experiences and places she has helped provide to her traveling companion. The best!

For fun and exercise, we made good use of the pool, spa, and (reason 4) PLAYROOM. The small boy happy for hours in the latter enjoying Play Station 4, foosball, a telly, lego, stuffed toys, trucks, and a mini ball pen. A regular at the spa, I sometimes took advantage of the babysitting service and dumped..er left… my young friend and had some alone-time in the amazing pool, the relaxing sauna, and steam bath, or invigorating in the spacious and well-equipped gym. We could live in this place!

Alas, we couldn’t live in this place. Home called and we heeded the summons – tanned, fit, relaxed, and well-fed – to the day-to-day pleasures of the Garden City where a full moon greeted us and we danced with the stars and dreamed of Bali.

With research and writing help from JKJ who has his own dreams of Bali.

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