5 Creative Ways To Start Gardening In Small Spaces

Are you a gardening fan, or are you looking to start a small garden? Anyone can start a small garden from scratch and grow whatever plants they want. It does not matter if you are interested in decorative plants or are looking for a way to grow vegetables at home. It is more crucial to plan carefully and execute your goals. Learn how to develop a fantastic garden in your small space by following the simple creative tips below.

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1. Consider Making it a Multipurpose Space

Sometimes homeowners are undecided on what to do with a space they consider as being too small. For instance, one may not know how to split up their terrace space. If you cannot decide between making it a romantic spot, a dining space, or a garden, consider making it a little bit of everything. The idea is to do this smartly by first hanging a swing where you and your loved one can enjoy a relaxing moment.

One corner of the terrace can host the dining space with outdoor chairs and tables. You can then organize a few planters with small plants and flowers. You can also consider vertical gardening and decorate the shelves by painting them. If you do this right, you can easily brighten up the outdoor space, no matter how small it is.

2. Grow Herbs in The Kitchen

Talk to experts such as the Fig and Spruce to understand which simple vases you can use to grow herbs inside your house. The kitchen is an ideal space to grow herbs, especially those you use in your everyday cooking. Fortunately, herbs are easy to incorporate into your kitchen spaces. Select your favorite herbs and choose small to medium-sized vases that comfortably fit at the window of your kitchen.

Alternatively, work with your carpenter to create a long vertical shelf that you can organize your herbs. Put the shelf or stand at a corner near a window where light can get in. You can comfortably water the herbs and add in manure or fertilizer as need be. You will love that your kitchen area will also smell so fresh from all the herbal plants and the herbs will enhance your dishes. If you do not want to have the kitchen plants, consider shifting them to the balcony, where you can easily reach them for use whenever you want. The open space is likely to promote even better growth since you can now grow the herbs in larger vases or planters.

3. Turn the Old Pieces into a Planter

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In case you have a few old items lying around without any meaningful use, then this is your chance to convert them into a mid-level planter. A good example would be an old bathtub that you no longer use. Rather than letting it gather dust and dirt in the backyard, consider repainting and filling it with planting soil. You can then grow beautiful flowers that improve the area’s look and make it fresher with the flowers’ fragrance.

Other ideas include converting an old unused wheelbarrow into a unique vegetable planter. You can position the old wheelbarrow somewhere in the backyard and have it painted to match the theme. It is interesting how a simple old wheelbarrow can efficiently work as a decorative and functional outdoor piece. Always focus on having an alternative mindset. The bottom line is not to throw any old piece that can be reused or transformed into a planter.

4. Have a Terrarium

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Small spaces easily get overwhelmed when you use large and bold plants as decorative pieces. Fortunately, there are smaller functional plants that work perfectly for your small indoor space. One of such plants is the terrarium, mainly when grown in a geometric planter. It will grow beautifully without seeming intimidating.

Use the idea as your first trial of vertical gardening. Carry out extensive research about the different plants that work well for small spaces. Fortunately, there are many choices that can help clean the air in your living space. Go for those that you can train to follow a specific path in your house. If you love indoor plants, then this will be perfect for you. This may work as your trial and error phase before settling for which plants will work perfectly bloom in the limited spaces.

5. Make Use of the Steps

Sometimes it is not about having a large space to do things but more of using what you have creatively and smartly. In case your outdoors has several steps, consider turning a few of these into gardening spaces for your flowers and small plants. You can even use the vases and plants are decorative pieces that enhance the outdoor look. Consider this a perfect way to go green subtly. You can apply the same concept to your entryway. Merge your landscaping goals with gardening and create something beautiful.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to create a dream garden even with small spaces. The point is to transform the space into functional spaces that work smartly. Consider bringing in experts to guide you in case you feel stuck. The bottom line is to ensure that you use it well, no matter how small your space looks.

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