5 Helpful Ways To Maintain Recovery From Drug Addiction

Addiction is all about being unable to realize the havoc you create in your own life. Understanding the fact that your life is shattering is a daunting task. Once you achieve the state of recovery, the last thing you want is to revert to drug abuse. Make sure to stick to the measures that keep the cravings away. After you’re done taking care of the withdrawal symptoms, work on the maintenance of recovery. Relapses are quite frequent, even amongst the patients attaining long-term recovery. Hence, you must do your bit to keep the recovery intact and stay sober.

Keep reading to know the best ways through which you can maintain the calm and stay as sober as ever.

1. Fetch Enough Determination First

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Before you embark upon the journey to maintain recovery, you must attain the required determination. Without the sheer will to make a change, it would be impossible for you to gain

complete sobriety. So, start with gaining enough knowledge about the path that you’re about to choose. Read more about the stories of drug addicts and how they achieved their goals. That way, you are likely to be more motivated and stick to your decision.

1. Acknowledge Your Disease

The First step towards addiction recovery is realizing that you’re an addict. Most of the patients become aware of this through conversations with their loved ones. Without the determination to seek help, this awareness is likely to go in vain.

2. Initiation Of The Recovery Phase

Once you leave the denial phase and enter the recovery one, there’s no going back. Start with finding out the right recovery technique based on your behavioral and financial states. The Initiation of recovery accounts to be the third stage. In this, the patient starts with the treatment and incorporates the measures for drug abstinence in his life.

3. Go Through The Active Maintenance

Around 50% of the patients treated for addictions go back to square one within a year or two. Often, patients tend to ignore the vulnerability of this stage. To stay away from relapses, find out at least 5-6 habits that intrigue you. Along with this, make sure to stay away from old habits, schedules, or places.

2. Socialize And Build New Relationships

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Drug addiction takes away meaningful relationships from the sufferer’s life. Being linked with various hormones, it evokes a sense of admiration for the drug of choice. Also, the disease leaves you with negligible close relationships. The only people you stay in contact with are the drug dealers and procurers. After recovering from the daunting phase of addiction, you must build new relationships and work out the old ones.

Loneliness & Seclusion are the keys to relapse, especially amongst people who attain early recovery. Lack of human contact leaves you with never-ending thoughts and self-doubt.

Self Confidence is what keeps the patients in their recovery phase away from addictions. Communicating with people builds a healthy mental state and fetches self-confidence.

Balanced Mental Health starts with creating physical, social, and behavioral well-being. One of the critical components for the maintenance of recovery is adequate mental space.

3. Join Support Networks & Programs

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Apart from your friends and family, you can also try and join support networks. Not only does it help in preventing relapses, but it also fetches some meaningful relationships. Social groups are the networks where people who suffered from some addiction share their experiences. Such groups help in dealing with the maintenance of recovery. This is because the patients can relate to their kinds better than regular friends. If you don’t want to travel, you can also search for an online peer group like MeetingsNearBy.com.

Feeling Of Belonging is what the patients feel once they join a reliable peer support group. Amidst the people suffering from similar troubles, they are likely to feel more confident and adapt to the maintenance measures.

Physician Recommended Mode of treating and completing the addiction recovery. Most of the psychiatrists suggest taking help from the support networks for maintaining the recovery process.

Provides Validation for the treatment and measures to prevent relapses. When a person with a similar history treats patients, it acts as proof and ensures complete recovery.

4. Develop Positive Habits & Reliable Routine

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Once you enter the maintenance phase, it becomes highly crucial to indulge yourself in one thing or the other. Develop healthy habits and find out the hobbies that interest you. Further, plan a schedule and assign adequate time for each hobby. Not only will this help in keeping you busy, but it also turns out to be productive in the long run. You would be surprised to know that meditation and other activities have similar effects on the mind of people.

Hormonal Stimulation is the result of performing activities that intrigue you. When you workout or craft a masterpiece, your brain releases the chemicals called endorphins.

Relieve Stress & Negative Thoughts with the right schedule and an exciting hobby. As a result of loneliness, the body demands external substances that instill a sense of comfort and euphoria.

5. Work & Take Care Of The Finances

Addiction often leaves you broke, hopeless, and depressed. If you’re someone who just recovered through the daunting days, then you need to think about the future. One of the finest ways to minimize relapse is by working as hard as you can. Once your financial state becomes stable,

you are less likely to think about those drugs. Also, it transforms your personality and imparts a sense of independence.

The more independent you are, the better are the chances of maintaining recovery. So, get a job and be more accountable for your needs as well as aspirations. That way, you are less likely to undergo relapses and might achieve complete recovery.

Bottom Line

If you’re someone who has experienced severe addiction, then you know how difficult it is to control the urges. Also, you realize the need for prevention of relapse. You can keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay with the right strategy and a reliable plan. All you need to do is find out your interests and join a support group. Make sure to focus on your physical health and often meditate for a wholesome mental state. Along with this, you might want to socialize a bit more. So, work out your ways and seek help from the tips mentioned above to stay away from drug abuse.

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