5 ways to treat back pain after Muay Thai training

The art of Muay Thai, a sport not for the faint-hearted has been around for a few decades now. The intense training involves great flexibility and builds up strength and none of this is easy on the body.

It is similar to going through intense training and weightlifting along with legal steroids to carve the body the way you desire and involves huge dedication. Steroids has tremendous uses that people are not aware of and some countries have made it legal due to the benefits it can offer. Steroids canada has many options for different steroids that you can look for and it’s intake can be used in pain as well.

From the beginning of the training, every new move involves new areas of the body that need to get conditioned which means aches and injuries are going to accompany you through the journey. While common injuries during the training involve sprains, bruises and back pains. Back pain associated with Muay Thai training can be tricky hence here are 5 simple ways to treat this backache.

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  1. Pain due to injury:

A general advice for treating simple injuries in the back that are causing pain is to use the RICE treatment. This treatment will relieve swelling and pain and also help with speedy recovery. RICE or Rest-Ice -Compress-Elevate certainly brings in the main components required for the body to heal after an injury together. Use an ice pack to the area of pain in the back and repeat every 2-3 hours and keep the same for at least 10-20 minutes. Repeat the same for at least 3 days after the injury. This will reduce any swelling and also help with inflammation. Compress the area with a bandage or compression wear during this period of time and make sure the area is kept elevated. You can also use silicone scar gel in case of scars and bruises.

2. Liniment oil therapy:

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 Like the art of Muay Thai, the best therapy for treating the injuries also hails from Thailand. Liniment oil therapy has been observed to be effective against treating inflammation in joints, ligaments, tendons etc. It is also effective for enhancing blood circulation in the affected areas that will promote faster healing. The oil is a herbal composition with an alcohol base that aims to provide a contrast healing process. Certain herbs used have a warming characteristic whereas the rest have cooling properties. They combine to soothe the pain and bring comfort. There are various products which include tinctures, sprays, ointments etc which can be alternated and used for getting complete relief from pain. 

3. Rest when necessary:

One of the most common mistakes that severe back injuries and causes a backache is not taking enough rest. Going through an intense training session regularly will mean your muscle get worn out and tired and giving them enough rest is very important. This should especially be a priority in case of injuries to divert the energy in your body into healing. Common notion that carrying on with regular activities could actually turn out to cause more harm to your back. “Work it out” is not a solution for healing injuries and hence take rest to let the natural healing process begin. Medication intake is important and support it with ice packs and sprays to enhance the efficiency of healing.

4. Stretching the muscles around the pain area:

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Stretching muscles around the pain area can slowly help in initiating the healing process thus helping with back pain. Muscles are interconnected and when one gets rigid or tight it starts affecting the others around it by pulling them. This compound effect will magnify the problem and hence stretching the muscles around the actual problem area can give relief. Dedicate exercises to stretch individual muscles and a minimum of 2 exercises for each. It should involve your lower back, calves, groin, abdomen, hamstring, etc, and try doing these small exercises twice or thrice every day.

5. Salt bath to relax and hydrate:

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Sore muscles are among the common reason for severe back pain caused after Muay Thai training. New routines and kicks in the training can leave your muscles sore and rigid and this could cause discomfort. The best way to treat these sore muscles and relieve from back pain is to help them relax after intense sessions. Hydration is the key here and you can use water both internally and externally for relief. Consume enough water after training and take a relaxing salt bath to help the tight muscles. You can also use methods such as contrast shower of alternating between hot and cold water to treat your back pain.

Your posture plays an important role in the healing process. Do not sit in positions that put too much stress on the muscles and bones on your back. Always sit with proper back support and use proper shoes while exercising or walking to ensure your back is always supported well.  Avoid using too flat or pointed heels to remove any pressure in these points. The most important part of preventing pain is using the right techniques under the guidance of experts to ensure there is no damage to the joints or muscles. With these simple steps, you can relieve from back pain caused due to Muay Thai training.

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