“a-nation” Japan Festival 2014 to be held in Taiwan and Singapore for the First Time

SINGAPORE 20 May 2014– “a-nation,” one of the largest summer festivals in Japan with over 4 million attendees thoughout its existence, and now in its 13th year, will be held outside of Japan for the first time in 2014.
The event will be take place in Taiwan and Singapore with the theme of “Taking Japanese Entertainment to Asia.” Audiences will experience an unbelievable variety of live entertainment and music during the upcoming “a-nation” Festival. In addition,  a fashion show using popular Japanese models will be included in the line up of “a-nation”.
Don’t miss the live performances with fabulous artists that only “a-nation” can provide due to its ongoing evolution every year!
Official website: http://a-nation.net/singapore/(a-nation singapore)
http://a-nation.net/taiwan/(a-nation taiwan)
13 September 2014
VenueTaipei NanKang 101
18 October 2014
For further information please contact;avex international holdings Singapore. a-nation_sg_2014@av.avex.co.jp

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