ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 review

One of its kind…..
Asus has always been on the forefront of electronic consumer products and recently they have come up with a new and unique product.
Ever since tablet have been so popular for the past two years, technology has been developing fast. Everyone has jump onto the mobile technology bandwagon.
Everyone loves the mobility of a tablet and the powerful speed of PC, but how do you incorporate both of them together. Asus just might have the answer for you, it’s the Asus Transformer AiO (All-in-One). It combines both a tablet and a PC together.
Transformer AiO features
The AiO has one or two tricks up its sleeve. It has Dual-OS mode to cater to Windows users and Android users. Best of both worlds I might say. There are three modes that the AiO can transform to.
Desktop Mode
Android Tablet Mode
In desktop mode, the Asus AiO features an Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 processor which is amazingly fast and powerful. It also comes with an NVIDIA GT730M discrete graphics card.
In tablet mode, the Asus AiO runs on NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor with Android 4.1 which is also amazingly fast and smooth.
In the remote desktop mode, you can remote into your windows from anywhere in your house. It’s just as simple as pressing the blue button on the left side on the tablet.
Video Playback
Playing video on the Asus AiO is just as smooth as watching a 1080p blu-ray movie on a HDTV. The picture quality is crisp and bright. What’s there not to like when the Asus AiO can offer you an 18.4” IPS FHD display.
Battery life
Ah…the one thing that everyone is very concern with, battery life! In tablet mode, the battery can last you around 5 hours when you’re playing video at a 1080p resolution. I would say not too shabby, but still lot battery life wouldn’t hurt wouldn’t it?
Product Showcase
On the right side of the Asus AiO docking station, there’s a DVD optical drive and a detachable USB dongle which connects the keyboard and mouse wirelessly together. Yes the wireless keyboard and mouse comes together with the whole package. The docking station also comes with wireless N connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0.
On the left side, another goodie that comes pack with the Asus AiO is the abundance of USB 3.0 ports! Yes four of them! All hail ASUS! It also comes with a SD/SDHC/MC card reader, headphone jack, microphone jack and a Kensington lock.
At the back of the Asus AiO docking station, there’s a Gigabit network port, an HDMI output and the power in.
On the right side of the tablet, from the top it’s the power button/sleep button, followed by the volume up/down button, the blue button which switches from Android tablet mode to Windows remote desktop mode, micro USB, MicroSD card slot, earphone hack and lastly the power in which you can charge the tablet on its own.
On the left side of the tablet it also has a Kensington lock.
The back of the tablet will have a lever which you can pull out at any angle to make it stand. The tablet comes with an inbuilt battery; yes I know some of you might be sad that it’s not removable. 
Final Words & Conclusion
What can I say, the Asus AiO Transformer is really a unique product that some may like its simplicity of hassle free desktop and some may think that it’s a 2 in 1 product. Its design is really simple and the functions are easily accessible. It’s not hard to set it up, everything it’s automatically done the moment you switch it on. Heck, there’s only one wire that you need to plug in when you set it up, which is the AC adaptor. It just can’t get any simpler.
However it is huge and heavy. It weighs 2.1kg and the screen size is 18.4”, so it’s not advisable to bring it out. You can connect a second monitor to the HDMI port to make it dual screen, thus improving your work productivity.
Overall the AiO Transformer is quite an impressive product really. Fast, great screen, nice functionality. Whether or not the Asus AiO Transformer is worth it, I’ll gladly leave it to you to decide it.
Special thanks to Lai Guo Xian for the product review.

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