BBounce Studio Bounce your Workout — Go ahead JUMP!

BBOUNCE Studio is Singapore’s first dedicated rebounding fitness studio that offers a range of comprehensive strength and cardio workouts on rebounders. They also specialize in functional circuit fitness classes. Hybrid Rebounding, the first of its kind in Singapore, is unique to the BBOUNCE Fitness Method. It incorporates mini trampolines with resistance bands, weights and strength training to give you a dynamic workout.  They have definitely reinvented workouts to be fun, inspiring and exciting!

I am strong and life will never get me down, because the harder I fall, the higher I bounce.


I’m going to tell you a secret. Stop reading here if you would rather not be burdened with the following information: I like to bounce on hotel beds* On my own bed, too, of course, but It’s not the same. There’s something about a hotel bed that brings out the child in me.

Fighting jetlag with @bbouncestudio 💪🏽

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Not to worry, I model only the ethical use of beds. That said, my child, the celebrated Official Child of Janiqueel, Mr. C, at 15 months, can bounce with the best of them. Kid’s got talent. I know where he got it.

From moi! From Mom! From one who has experienced pregnancy and postpartum knowing the importance of exercise in coming through to the other side with optimism and BOUNCE. I gave BBounce Studio a try. It’s good. It sings a bouncy tune to the child in me. Aerobics on little trampolines.

It’s fun!

*Janiqueel does NOT bounce on the beds of those hotels for which she has written reviews or for which she might write in the future – no, no, never!

Be the energy you want to attract. @bbouncestudio #fitmom

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Intrigued at first bounce, I contacted Joel Tan, founder of BBOUNCE Studio at Centrepoint in Singapore for more information. He kindly obliged. Here are his responses:

Janiqueel: Describe your ideal client

Joel Tan: There is no one ideal type of client but at BBOUNCE Studio, we hope that people from different walks of life, with different characters and fitness goals, come together as one community to exercises. We want our customers to enjoy exercising while incorporating the right fitness mindset to them

Janiqueel: What does “hybrid” means in the term “Singapore Hottest Hybrid Workout”?

Joel Tan: The term hybrid here means in layman terms: A combination of different workouts fused into one. The hybrid workout concept was founded by our founders to combine systemic cardio, aerobic & anaerobic, strength training and muscle sculpting into one single workout to achieve the body you always wanted.

Janiqueel: What is a successful client’s time commitment to BBOUNCE Studio?

Joel Tan: It is difficult to give a one size fits all answer as people have different levels of fitness and fitness goal. As Long as one puts in the effort when he or she is at the studio while maintaining a decent diet, he or she will see success.

Janiqueel: How does Boot Camp differ from other classes?

Joel Tan: Bootcamp is a outdoor fitness class where we workout as one community. Bootcamp workouts are designed to be very spontaneous and to ‘get your hands dirty’ kind of workout.

Janiqueel: Where is it held?

Joel Tan: We usually hold it in parks, along orchard road or anywhere that has open space. Remember , be spontaneous!

Janiqueel: In a sentence not already found in your website, why should people choose BBOUNCE Studio over other trainer-based programmes?

Joel Tan: The BBOUNCE Workout method is highly effective, low impact for the joints,  addictive and is designed by professional athletes that have represented their nations at the highest level possible.

Janiqueel: How might a post pregnancy client be treated?

Joel Tan:  A post pregnancy client will be treated the same as any client who is attempting to resume their daily workout routine after recovering from an injury [or physical trauma]. He or she must seek professional medical clearance before attending the class. He or she must then inform the instructor of his/her condition and the instructor will make adjustments(if any) to the client.

Janiqueel: How far into pregnancy could a client attend classes?

Joel Tan: We do not allow customers who are pregnant to attend classes. This is for their own precautionary measures. However, if need be, our trainers/instructors can teach them simple stationery exercises that they can do themselves at home, in a safe environment.

Janiqueel: Explain functional training

Joel Tan: Functional training is a type of training that focuses on all-round fitness components. Our functional training is designed by athletes to give you a full body workout using science and many years of training experience.

Janiqueel: How would BBOUNCE Trainers handle a medical emergency?

Joel Tan:  Everyone at BBOUNCE Studio, including our front desk staff are all CPR certified, and AED trained. In case of an emergency, we have a set of protocol to follow and if need be, apply first aid and the first level of medical attention.

Janiqueel: What dietary regimen does BBOUNCE Studio recommend to complement the classes?

Joel Tan: This is an interesting question and a difficult one to answer as everyone’s body behaves and reacts differently. Usually the trainers will request a detailed breakdown of a client’s daily diet in order of any assessment to be made. People react differently to different food intakes and supplements. To make it more complicated, the digestive system is different for everyone too. Hence, generally, we strongly advocate low sugar intake and high intake of proteins.

Thank you, Joel Tan!

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