Best 10 Places to Visit During Covid-19

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place”…

Miriam Adeney

One of the best luxuries human kind has nowadays, is the art and facility to travel around the world, or nearby.

The opportunity to go on and discover new destinations, people, food and sightseeing, experiences, even the cost, is priceless.

The chance to get a glimpse of the lifestyle or culture from another country, city or town. Every trip, no matter the means of transportation, involves a deep dive into an adventure of discovering and in a way owning a place that will leave you different kinds of emotions.

Even when business purposes could change the perspective of the context; just knowing that another destination with different surroundings will welcome you for the targeted situation.

Let’s even mention, when we fell so much in love with a place, and we return to experience “the same amazing feeling” but still surprise us with an eagerness to come back to a place that, without knowing, has already adopted us.

The great anecdotes we get to owe, or share with the people we return to, and continue in our memories, has no comparison. We owe them or we share them but they change us in a way that we get inspired for the next one we already target in our hearts and minds.

Covid-19 has definitely changed some of these feelings in a way that we desire but fear when we even mention or think about traveling.

A barrier has also appeared for the sake of all of us, in a way to protect our habitats and our people. In a desperate situation to maintain a healthy population in a situation that was not announced, so to speak.

Luckly, a light of hope and possibility after a long but valuable time of separation to make things possible in alternative ways, has appeared.

There were countries and places that were able to “almost skip” this virus invasion in an incredible way. Those are the places that returned the liability to visit or travel.

I believe that if those places are opening their doors again to tourists and visitors, there is a huge responsibility and appreciation from the rest of us to preserve it that way. If those places are trusting the rest of the world to go and relax in their healthy environments, we must take good care of that chance.

For us to know, here are the 10 Best Places to Visit During Covid-19:

Before we mention them, there are measures that we must follow to maintain the safety of our loved ones, ourselves and our hosts around the world.

  • Avoid traveling if your health is poor.
  • It is travelers’ responsibility to protect their most fragile loved ones.
  • Remain vigilant and do not forget the barrier gestures, wearing masks and social distancing.
  • People over 70, overweight or with respiratory problems, should be vigilant at all times.

1. Antigua and Barbuda

Two Foot Bay, Barbuda. Credit the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Visual Echo

Known for sheltered bays and historical sites as well as the most beautiful beaches around the world. Located in the eastern Caribbean, it is an amazing destination to relax and disconnect from all the fuzz and buzz you are used to.

Negative result is a must before entering the place, and self isolated until you get the results.

2. Canada

Ranked as the world’s safest place across all three age groups, with millennials, middle-aged and mature travellers all in agreement. They have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than most.

The beautiful diversity of places, food, people and destinations, make Canada still one of the most visited countries in a new and safe way.

3. New Zealand

Is another country that has responded well to the Covid-19 crisis. New Zealand is also listed at a Level 1 travel advisory (exercise normal precautions) to tourists and visitors. One of the most exotic and amazing destinations around the world for different purposes and enjoyable experiences. A place that is called “unforgettable”.

4. Taiwan

Is one of the few places to begin the new year at a low-risk level 1 based on assessments by both the U.S. State Department and CDC. Another exotic destination for travelers to explore and maintain safely under the normal precautions to enjoy at its best.

5. Aruba

Casibari Rock Formations. Credit to Aruba Tourism Authority

Was already among the world’s safest vacation spots for travelers by embracing a multilayered approach to tourism that includes visitors having to produce negative tests and purchase insurance to cover them in the event.

An incredible destination for families and lovers to discover new excitement activities, or just relax and stay calm.

6. Costa Rica

This is considered one of the world’s happiest countries. Plenty to see and amazing outdoors, great food and kind citizens. Offers travelers a taste of both Pacific and Caribbean, and a hit with nature and adrenaline for those who enjoy them!

Covid-19 safe place. No quarantine needed. Negative results are expected.

7. Japan

This mystic, exotic, developed country, is ranked 10th on the Berkshire Hathaway Travel protection Safest Countries scale for the second straight year.

Required measures should be respected at any time. It is prepared for immediate care in case of. Places are supervised at all times.

Plenty to see, to know, to visit and shop around.

8. Turks and Caicos

Grace bay, Providenciales, Turks & caicos

The paradisiac, beautiful and exotic Turks and Caicos islands, reopened to travelers this past summer, and is also a common attraction to celebrities. A Caribbean hotspot that offers unique experiences and luxurious destinations.

Required measures should be respected.

9. Cayman Islands

Who has not heard about this destination, mentioned in books, magazines and movies!

Also become one of the most accessible places for travelers in coronavirus times. This place not only offers a famous variety of attractions for people and celebrities included, but also a safe place to spend an unforgettable experience.

Required measures should be taken.

10. Italy

Delicious gastronomy, wonderful sightseeings, happy people, attractive places to go and discover, we can say that Italy is one of the places that has it all. And knowing that it is a safe place to visit during this time, proves it.

It was ravaged in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic but has recovered quite well. Now it remains one of the world’s most peaceful countries.


Safety still remains the most important issue, no matter if the place, town, city or country is a safe place to visit or not.

As mentioned before, we should respect, admire and care for a country that has been able to maintain its population out of danger.

Empathy should be a must for us to understand the importance of caring and taking care of places that are not only defeating this process, but allow us to enter their frontiers to have again a piece of hope, a piece of happiness, a piece of beauty and a piece that they let us own.

Writing help by Adriana López Orduña.

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