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Best ideas come while sipping rum.”

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Just what Singapore needed – a first-rate Jamaican Rum with a taste of Asia. Got it – House of Cane Rum. “Singapore’s First Asian-Caribbean Rum”. Sip it straight, in a cocktail, with cola or, or… you’re gonna like it.  A fellow named Jarek Iwanowski, founder of House of Cane, had the idea to blend West Indian rum with naturally-aged rum with distinctively Asian characteristics. That is proving to be a very astute idea. Blended from six rums from Asia and the Caribbean, a bottle of House of Cane is an exotic journey through sense and sensibility. Feel the vibe as you sip. Welcome to someplace brand new, and know that 2% of all profits go to certified natural world foundations.

House of Cane rum

Featuring House of Cane, at least three of the trendiest bars in Singapore serve it straight or in some delicious cocktail concoctions:

  •  A Chinatown icon, Potato Head on Keong Saik Road, will bring you whatever rum delight you can suggest, or you can ask for it in A Disco Daiquiri or the memorable Golden Summer. Have some of the truffle chips as a go-along and you’ve got a distinctive dining experience. When you’re ready, try one of a large selection of delectable burgers.
  • Not a bar but one of the leading distributors to the top bars in Sing-Town, Destination Beverage proudly offers House of Cane along with the world’s best rums. Order online; delivered to your door.
  • Cafe Tailor Made is ready and eager to mix a ‘Tailor Made’ rum cocktail for you. However, you may well want to try the Yoel Romero Cocktail, with passionfruit puree and cream. Ask for House of Cane Rum to highlight the mixologist’s craft. Sit back and soak up the atmosphere of Turf Road and sip the day away in a most pleasing way.

Because it blends so well with most ingredients, rum is the source of a multitude of cocktails. Once you get started you’ll discover a whole rum-centric world. Just for starters, there is Dark & Stormy, Piña Colada, Mojito, Mai tai, Cuba Libre, and Caipirinha. For something less mundane, have a go at a Kingston Negroni, a Hurricane, a Rum Julep, a Milk Punch, a Rum Manhatten, a Boss Colada, or a Rumpolitan. Impress your friends or your companion when you order these at the bar.

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