Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum Review

Biotherm, the skincare brand that is well-known for its high density of hydration formula, had release its newest concentrate serum — TheAquasource Deep Serum.
My new found love! <3
Holding 3-times the concentration of regenerating Pure Thermal Plankton Cellular Water and ultra-moisturizing Mannosethis brand new serum delivers a deeper hydration to my skin, making it look more radiant.
These are the results from a study conducted by Biotherm.

Life Plankton helps to improve the renewal of epidermal cells, and contains 4 vitamins, 23 amino-acids, and 9 oligo elements, while Mannose, a simple sugar derived from tree pulp helps to deliver hydration and vital protein boosters to all layers of the epidermis.
Other than these two key ingredients, Aquasource Deep Serum also contains millions of micro pearls which help to beautify the skin by diffusing light and enhancing the skin’s brightness and luminosity. With non-sticky great absorption, I can instantly feel that my skin are being hydrated and moisturized after application.
Some fun facts about Biotherm and Aquasource!

Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum retails at S$85 and can be found at all Biotherm counters in Singapore. If you’re interested to try out this product, you can actually redeem a 3-day trial on Biotherm’s websiteWhat are you waiting for? 

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