Bring Sexy Back This Festive February!

Flatter your figure with the right lingerie from Wacoal® and get in touch with a sexier side this Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

Leading lingerie brand Wacoal® brings sexy back this Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day with a line-up of lingerie to fit and flatter all body types.

Every body type can be flattered by the right cut but unfortunately not all women understand how to choose the right lingerie to fit their body type. Familiarity with one’s body type is a key component when finding the perfect fit.


Every woman’s body is different: One may be a little pear-shaped and a little bit lean while one may be petite and busty. Regardless of body type, it’s all about choosing the right lingerie that hugs the body in the right places to flatter the overall body.

Although not everyone fits into one specific body type category, two of the most common body types and its features include:

Slim or Athletic Body Types 

  • Your hips and bust are basically the same size. The waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips.
  • Broad shoulders with big bust and very slight waist. Hips are also narrow with long legs and a bit of tummy.

Curvy or Voluptuous Body Type

  • The hips are larger than the bust, and the waist gradually slopes out to the hips.
  • The bust and hips are basically the same size and your waist is well defined.

image007By identifying one’s own body type, finding a pair of figure-flattering lingerie can come easy to any woman with any body type. Trying on different types of lingerie is also encouraged as this would help women to recognise which lingerie fits best. At Wacoal®, a custom-fitting is always recommended.

Slim or Athletic Body Types

Lean bodies and minimal curves are two of the most common features found in women who have slim and athletic body types. Women belonging to this body type will find that laced lingerie with soft details can help provide more shape as well as add a touch of femininity when worn.

Brassieres that complement slim and athletic women should have the following features:

  • image008Frilly fillers
    Girly touches such as bows, embroidered lace and ruffled details can help to add volume and make slim types look more curvaceous
    Wacoal® recommends:
    SB4400: SGD130
    SS3400: SGD46
  • image009Lacy panels
    Show off the slim upper half while adding appearance of extra curves with this feature
    Wacoal® recommends:
    Seductive Valentine’s Lingerie
    TB4645 [prices unavailable at print]


  • image010Lightly padded cups
    This feature is excellent in offering a bit of shape and support. A sexier cleavage can be achieved as well
    Wacoal® recommends:

    BTJ712: SGD170
    PTJ512: SGD80

Bralettes are also good for athletic body types as the lightweight and simple design can help add a soft shape to a strong build. Petite women can also pick out negligee that has a long slit across the legs to appear taller.

When accentuating a fit body, fitting bottoms such as boy shorts are the most ideal. Panties with angled V-cut design can help to add a touch of optical illusion that is more curvy than straight.

Curvy & Voluptuous Body Types

Women with naturally curvy and voluptuous body types will find that good coverage with a hint of flirty-feel work best. An advantage to this body type is a well-endowed upper body which can be accentuated when wearing the right lingerie.

For those who fall under this category, the features to look out for in lingerie are:

  • image011Brassieres with high and wide sides with broad bone structure
    Excellent support and stability can be achieved while trimming away unsightly side bulges, creating a slimmer side silhouette

    Wacoal® recommends:
    SB4791C: SGD130
                                                   SS3598: SGD46
  • image012Sheer lingerie
    Lingerie that have a touch of sheer can add a hint of sexiness even with a fair amount of cover-up

    Wacoal® recommends:
    BCL439: SGD240
    PCL739: SGD100
  • image013Lingerie with low-cut neckline
    These are perfect in showing off breasts by playing up cleavage while camouflaging the lower body

    Wacoal® recommends:
    Chinese New Year
    Prosperity Lingerie
    NB3631: SGD79.90
                                        NS3141: SGD24.90

Curvy women can also opt for high rise thongs when choosing lower body wear. Not only can this feature smoothen out the middle body, it can also help highlight curves while preventing a muffin top.

Regardless of body type, the right lingerie can help women achieve a sexier and more appealing silhouette. From beauty to function, lingerie from Wacoal® is uniquely tailored to suit every body type and bring out the confidence in women.

A Prosperous Treat from Wacoal®


In conjunction with Chinese New Year 2015, a Limited Edition Chinese New Year EzLink Card will be given with every purchase of SGD180 on regular-priced items.

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