Dance to Fitness; Celebrate YOU; Flye to the Music

Janiqueel explores the world of Flye Fitness – Based in Hong Kong, Streamed to the World.

FLYE to us is a way to celebrate; celebrate and empower women, celebrate our bodies and what they are capable of doing regardless of shape or size, celebrate music and the different cultures that bring it to us and celebrate the beauty of self-expression, self-love & allowing yourself to move in reckless abandon.”

Upekha, co-founder of FLYE Fitness, physiotherapist by day

Gyms and fitness studios are locked down. Flights are going nowhere fast. What’s a woman to do? Stay inside and not move at all? Kiss fitness goodbye? Dream of that party mood gone for so long? No. No. No. There is an answer. There is hope. There is fun, There are music and dancing. There is Flye Fitness dedicated to the proposition that, until the live studio opens again, there is a way to dance, exercise, and have fun in the process.

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From a plethora of genre and instructor choices, you can choose what best fits (pun intended) you and the instructor you would like to work with. There’s also a “Stronger Heart and Lower Fat” which, over a period of eight weeks, takes your body o a place of power. A place you may not have visited before. Of course, we all hope to put these Covid days behind us soon and we can resume regular visits to dance studios and gyms. Until we do, however, the alternatives offered by Flye Fitness are definitely the first-class option.

Claire Haftek says,

Our VOD (on demand) platform contains an 8 week stronger heart and lower fat program specially curated so that you meet your scientifically recommended cardio & HIIT [High-Intensity Interval Training] goals weekly whilst improving your stamina and other health (and some aesthetic) KPI’s [Key Performance Indicators] in an easy, trackable program. We are currently investing lots of R&D into our on-demand platform and see this as an ongoing venture continuing well into the foreseeable future and beyond corona!

And Claire knows what she’s talking about!

Whether in-person or virtually taking part in Flye fitness, you can be guaranteed high-intensity, full-body aerobic sessions. Add music to the mix and you have got a PARTY! Expertly choreographed by “co-founder and resident physiotherapist, Upekha”, Flye Fitness is exercise and body-building, for sure, but it is also about having, living inside the music and letting it take you away from the ordinary, at least for a few minutes each day. “We don’t do boring!”

Lest you think that Flye is for those who are already firm and fit, think again. Even if you are you are a beginner, programs are tailored to your fitness level. Issues of pain and previous conditions are well-attended to. When not choreographing, Upekha is a physiotherapist. You are in good hands, my friend. 

So if you are in Hong Kong and the Covid days are done, come on down to the snazzy studio in the Fung Woo Centre in Central and bring your mind and body a place of empowerment and celebration. Until that happy day comes, however, fly to the welcoming arms of Flye in your place of shelter. 

“Reckless abandon”? You Got it!

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