Different ways of using the Aden + Anais muslin swaddle

Smiling at 2 weeks old


My boy has been a swaddle baby from day one. But, with so many blankets in our possession, I knew I could use them for other purposes too. Muslin swaddle blankets are so versatile in addition to their “swaddle” label. In fact, because they are so versatile, I was able to just carry a couple with me in my diaper bag and simplify my life.


  1. Swaddles 
    I can’t forget the obvious choice for using a swaddle blanket for a swaddle, right? They didn’t work to keep my baby contained past a few weeks old but in those first few weeks? They were a dream. Plus it
    recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb, helping little ones to sleep longer and more soundly.
  2. Burp Cloth
    With its generous size, the Aden + Anais muslin swaddle works as burp cloth that offers maximum coverage. It’s also great to have on hand to wipe up spills and spit ups.  Since I had a swaddle blanket with me for so many other uses, I found myself using it for burping too.
  3. Nursing Cover
    Thanks to its open weave, the breathable muslin prevents baby and mom from overheating while nursing, creating a private comfortable space for on-the-go feedings.
  4. Stroller Cover
    Stroller shades never seem to quite cover enough and let light in. That sunlight can wake my sleeping baby or keep them from sleeping. And, that sunlight can cause sunburn. Between the sunshade and the seat, I can spread my muslin swaddle or two and cover my baby to protect him from the sun and the light.
  5. Changing Pad
    Pretty much every public changing table I’ve used has been void of those little pad covers to keep it clean and I want to lay something down to keep baby clean from the surface. I can fold up my blanket, and use it as a pad under my baby for a diaper changing surface. I’ve also used it in my car as well to protect my carseat.
  6. Outfit
    Remember how said we carry a couple? Well, say you miss that spit up or other baby “leak” and find yourself without a change of clothing. Yes, you can fashion your swaddle blanket into a little baby toga-like dress or shirt. Not only will your baby be stylish, but they won’t be without clothes or sitting in wet or dirty clothes.


These are just the 6 ways to use a muslin swaddle blanket that came to mind. I’m sure there are many more ideas which you can discover. For a new parent gift, swaddle blankets are definitely one of my go-to gifts because of all of the options and versatile ways they can be used. Not to mention they are super cute, colorful, soft and fun. 


Have you found any other creative uses for your swaddle blankets? I’d love to hear more ideas.


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