Feel Good Swimwear - Confidence on the Coast

Janiqueel has a look at the extensive range of jewelry and swimwear choices from THE DANCING JEWELS.

How to have a beach body:
1. Have a body .
2. Go to the beach.

OK – “The Dancing Jewels” (TDJ) may not be the most intuitive name for an online company featuring jewelry AND swimwear. It works, though. Think of dancing on the beach with a positive feeling about your body and an attitude that self-love is the base of all love. You’re at the beach. The waves lap the shore. Your companions are at hand. Time to relax and, as Rod Stewart sang, “Let your inhibitions run wild!” TDJ with a huge range of styles, colors, and designs to choose from (in both jewelry and beachwear) can help you express your innate inner confidence – even at the beach.

“We started out with handmade jewelry but over the years, we have moved to a new focus, and that is Beachwear and essentials right now. Our best selling products are swimwear and beach throw-overs.” The company still offers handmade jewelry in appealing and unique permutations. Look closely, and you can see TDJ in the Channel 5 drama series “Perfect Deception.” To achieve the goal, “to turn humans into mermaids” TDJ launched a line of beachwear. It is now the core of the business. A business that still has its eye on creativity and providing uniques designs that won’t be found elsewhere.

Focusing on the online market, TDJ usually gets orders to Singapore in 1-3 working days – faster is you choose express shipping. The TDJ site clearly explains the ins and outs of online shopping including exchanges. Another feature of the site is an extensive guide to choosing the right swimwear fit. It examines four body types, – Pear, Apple, Hourglass, and Banana – shows several photos of each and helpfully suggests which of TDJ’s creations are appropriate for each. FAQs go even further in explaining how the company works and how to find the beachwear to help make your vacation an expression of confidence and self-actualization.

Types of swimwear on offer: Bikinis, Monokinis, Tankinis, Maternity, Plus-size, Twinning, and Kids. So many choices; so little beach time! TDJ is currently concentrating on plus-size choices. The twinning collection has matching suits for mother and child that are JUST TOO CUTE!

Have a look at the amazing swimwear creations. For an extra boost of confidence and body positivity, wear the jewelry with the beachwear.

You have a beach body, BABY!

With research and writing help from JKJ.

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