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On a recent trip to Indonesia I stayed for three nights at a peaceful little slice of Seminyak called Four on Drupadi. Part of The Shanti Collection, there are six villas, each with its own theme. We stayed in Pyaar, the indian themed two-bedroom house.

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I arrived to the recently renovated grounds from a later flight than my friends who were already at the spa at the L hotel. At front office I was greeted by a bright eyed Indonesian receptionist with  an irresistibly wonderful tone in her voice which brightened my day after a stressful flight and ride in from the airport. This was probably the highlight of the service. 

As I entered the small courtyard I saw a wonderful little blue tile and brick swimming pool with a fountainhead above producing a pleasant trickling effect. As you enter you are greeted with festively carved couch-swing (seems Indian, right?!) surrounded by tabla drums, opposite a selection of pretty stained glass light fixtures crowded beneath the staircase. The living room is comfortable and the decorations are few  and well-placed. I was in the master-bedroom which had a queen size four-post with a  mosquito net surrounded on 3 sides by serene yellow and purple drapery. Occupying the whole top floor, it is symmetrical, with the thru-bathroom directly behind the bed meaning easy access no matter which side you sleep on. Thoughtful. The bed was medium-firm and the linens excessively soft. Perfect for me. This is without a doubt the best room in the villa; it diffuses a warm and lively glow as you walk about or roll out of bed. I spent most of my time in the villa up there.

We took 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners while we stayed there. This was probably my least favorite part of the stay … I avoid eating at my hotel when in a place as famous for their restaurants as Bali. Not because the food was bad necessarily but more along the lines of just not as good as the many popular restaurants in Bali, which is very normal. The website boasts of an individualized menu for each of the villa themes, but we were not served anything indian other than the amuse touche which seemed-to-resemble-Samosas-but-not-really.

Their offering is diverse however with local, regional, western and healthy dishes, but we mostly didn’t choose for this trip and … well they served Singaporeans chicken rice. Bad choice. Don’t serve Singaporeans chicken rice. The western food was the best prepared. Amuse bouche are served daily at tea-time which is always a pleasant surprise when it shows up.

Breakfast and dinner was served en suite and prepared by the butlers who are always on call. Their demeanor is excellent and they are most helpful for any basic task. They are attentive and quiet, certainly enough for the most discerning guests used to four to five-ish star hotels. As is generally the case in Indonesia the English level leaves something to be desired but I found communication not to be too difficult in this case indicating a good degree of experience and a low turnover.

On the second night I had a massage at the spa room just beside the main entrance. While I had a very effective release of my tight calves and further afield, communication problems flared this evening (maybe I should just learn bahasa?) and I ended up with some irritating carpet burns because of my leg hair (should I be waxing?). Please be aware, for the full spa experience one must go to the L hotel, the Shanti Collection’s boutique concept also in seminyak to and from which the hotel will happily arrange transport.

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On the last day of our stay at Shanti Collection we checked out and spent the day at The Shanti Residence in Nusa Dua. It coexists individually with all of the 5 star diamond hotels in the area and is perfectly serene. The property is actually considered one sprawling five-bedroom villa but is spread out and can thus be rented fully or by the single room. a medium sized infinity pool gazes out upon the limitless horizon of the sea with scenery almost resembling a Georgia O’Keefe painting, studded with globular modern furniture.

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You really feel like you’ve arrived when you stay here. We took our lunch there; the fare was somewhat better than at the Drupadi Villa however it just made me want to go out again. An excellent touch however was when I requested some “Sambal, super pedas!” they actually went back and cooked up a portion of some very spicy sambal just for me, which was perfect. The service was very soft & kind, and almost omnipresent like a guard at every outpost to wave over. Furthermore they were as inconspicuous as the last villa, never getting in the way and following all basic tenets.

Overall our stay qualifies as a solid four star experience, with a diamond crown at Shanti Residence. This brand has a solid foundation and an essence of great service and an atmosphere that makes it well worth the money spent.

Written by Daniel.

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