Future Sound Asia announces lineup for Good Vibes Festival 2014

This year’s #GoodVibesFest features more contemporary headliners, bigger food village,
and more tantalizing activities
KUALA LUMPUR, 23 JUNE 2014 — Malaysia’s music festival for all ages, Good Vibes Festival(#GoodVibesFest) will return this August with a greater number of contemporary headliners, bigger food offerings, and more activities to exhilarate festival goers. Headlining the festival, set for 23 August 2014 at Sepang Go Kart Circuit are: Ellie Goulding (“Anything Could Happen”, “Burn”), Empire of the Sun(“Walking on a Dream”, “We Are the People”), Banks (“Fall Over”, “Before I Ever Met You”), and !!! (Chk Chk Chk) (“Must be the Moon”, “Slyd”). 
As with last year’s festival, #GoodVibesFest will also feature a formidable cohort of local and regional acts ranging from tastemaker DJs, bands, to singer-songwriters. The acts include Electrico (Singapore), Da Vagabonds, Bittersweet, Kyoto Protocol (DJ Set), Froya, +2DB, Dangerdisko, Narmi, Faiq and the Manja Mob, The Cotton Field Scarecrowes, Youtube sensation Elizabeth Tan, Lapsap, Indiego & Co and Guibooo.
“We’re thrilled to bring the freshest lineup for this year’s festival to the Malaysian audience. Live music has always been a great way to gather people from different backgrounds. Hopefully Good Vibes Festival will help turn strangers and neighbours into friends and encourage lots of people to get involved in music.” said FSA Director Ben Law. 
Tickets for the festival this year will be sold in phases with prices getting progressively higher as the festival date approaches. Tickets will be sold online only. They can be purchased at www.goodvibesfestival.com and www.boxtix.asia.
#GoodVibesFest is a celebration of great music, positivity, and creativity. The Sepang Go Kart Circuit  will be transformed into a lively outdoor landscape for a regional audience with discerning tastes for music, art and food. In between catching their favourite acts festival-goers of all ages will be tempted to explore art installations, a food village and also exciting new festival activities to fire up the senses.
Good Bites, the food village that will house a tantalising spread of favourite festival foods dished out by local artisans, will be significantly expanded with more vendors this year.
#GoodVibesFest is supported by Malaysia Major Events and Visit Malaysia Year 2014 with Hotlink acting as official telco and Fly FM as the official radio station. #GoodVibesFest is expected to attract festival goers from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 
“Hosted in Malaysia, Good Vibes Festival is testament to Malaysia as being a preferred destination in the region for world-class live entertainment. Good Vibes Festival is part of our initiative for Visit Malaysia Year 2014. We look forward to this exciting star studded event to attract fans from the region that would subsequently contribute more than RM8 million in estimated tourist expenditure to the economy. Hosting Good Vibes Music Festival is a natural step for Malaysia which further showcases our capability to stage world class live entertainment events, ” said Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager, Malaysia Major Events. 
For more information, check out:
Line up announcement video: http://bit.ly/GVlineup2014
Download press kit: bit.ly/GVF2014
Ticketing details
Phase 1: RM108 (limited)
Phase 2: RM138 (limited)
Phase 3: RM168 (limited)
Phase 4: RM198 
Tickets are only available online at www.goodvibesfestival.com and www.boxtix.asia
Follow #GoodVibesFest on:
TWITTER: @GoodVibesFest
Future Sound Asia
Future Sound Asia is one of Malaysia’s leading music experience companies. Since our inception in 2001, we have been producing and organizing events featuring musicians, DJs and creative artists from all around the world. We have worked with all types in the industry: from new and upcoming artistes to the biggest international stars in music today, and have produced events ranging from simple, practical setups to multimillion dollar extravaganzas. We also work closely with international brands and multinational companies to provide groundbreaking entertainment marketing which ranges from local to regional in scope, with budgets that are modest to huge in scale. Our aim is to provide our clients and customers a smooth and unforgettable experience at our events. We care deeply about the events we create and the people who come to them, and our utmost concern is for everyone to have an amazing time and most importantly have fun!
About Malaysia Major Events 
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Some things don’t need to be defined. Some aren’t meant to be in a box, held in proverbial captivity. They inherently defy a need for classification.
BANKS makes music. Great music. Why not just stop there? Allow her to be a siren for a generation, beckoning for self discovery. She begs for it.
Conveying her sound seems almost unfair. It’s built on a simple notion of emotion. Perhaps that explains the near explosion of eager fans frantic to share their own discovery, ultimately propelling this songstress’ art to the top of Hypem charts.
A toy keyboard is all it took to awaken the inevitable. That evolved into a piano. The notes articulated feelings. Then chords turned to melodies. Heart-piercing lyrics cloaked in lush orchestration.
Now BANKS’ EP London applauds her arrival. The four songs introduce this budding self-taught songstress, one whose voice echoes a generation. She writes with a restless urgency, lyrically candid yet relatable, weaving vivid imagery into pop-skewed lullabies as she lures with every note, every chord, every breath.
A hypnotic blend of beats, pianos, echoes and an addictive vocal presence, BANKS slips in and out of genres with an ease so effortless, it once again serves as a reminder to leave your tags behind. Hip-hop, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Electronic… they all live in this very place. And she can be any or all. Or none. A singer. A poet. A pianist. A narrator. An artist.
!!!  – THR!!!ER
“I suppose it’s never enough / you get what you want, then you want what was / but I’d rather worry about my existential crisis / laying on a beach where the sun sets the nicest” – “Get That”
!!! will release their new album THR!!!ER on April 22, 2012 on Warp Records. It is the fifth full-length from the sonically adventurous sextet and its third for Warp. THR!!!ER finds the band reconciling its love for building playlists from disparate dance singles with its continued devotion to the cohesive album format. Famous for its off the hinges live shows and relentless touring schedule, this time the group focused itself on lyrics and tighter song structures. To help !!! on this mission, the majority of THR!!!ER was recorded with Jim Eno, the drummer in Spoon and one of key forces behind the boards for the lauded indie rock band.   
Coming into THR!!!ER, the members of !!! knew that this was an album where they almost had to reintroduce themselves, showing a developed and impactful take on how they present their sound. “It’s the kind of the record that feels like more of everything,” says vocalist Nic Offer. “It’s more immediate, it’s more honest about our lives. There was a real focus in this band. We knew the lyrics had to be better, the choruses had to be better, it had to be more original. We went for everything. Everything was pushed.”
Well, friends told her this and friends told her that/ But friends don’t choose what echoes in your head — “When The Water’s Cold”
!!! began the process for making THR!!!ER when Offer visited Jim Eno’s Austin studio during South by Southwest in 2011 with a few hours before their plane was supposed to leave. Eventually the whole band returned for several sessions in the spring and summer of 2012. !!! and Spoon are longtime fans of each other, and guitarist Mario Andreoni explains, they were attracted to working with Jim because, “We all had a healthy respect for the sound, space, and vibe of Spoon’s LP’s and Jim forced us to economize…the playing…the structure…lyrics.  Everything had to have a purpose and hold attention.” 
Like many people, Jim was a fan of !!!’s live show, but he felt that they too often tried to capture these performances in the studio. Instead of trying to chase this feeling, Jim encouraged them to create a different type of excitement by using weirder sounds, inventing new dynamics within each song and introducing unexpected changes. “They had this working flow that was a little rigid and I wanted to break them out of it,” says Jim. “Those guys can play, and if you can play, you might as well just play your instruments and record it.” In the end, !!! say it was Jim’s input that provided the cohesion that THR!!!ER needed.
!!! is a bicoastal band with over a decade of history. Offer, keyboardist Daniel Gorman, and new bassist Rafael Cohen (formerly of El Guapo and Supersystem) all live in Brooklyn, drummer Paul Quattrone resides in Pittsburgh, keyboardist Allan Wilson remain lives in Portland, OR while Andreoni remains in Sacramento, where the group was formed. Understandably this situation isn’t the easiest for creating new music. “In the past we just put albums together any way that works,” says Andreoni. That usually meant a lot of jamming on loose ideas. For THR!!!ER, !!! went into the studio with everything written and a strong sense of each song’s shape.
This advanced preparation is reflected in THR!!!ER’s catchier choruses, bulletproof structure and masterful twists. “One Girl/One Boy” is pure dancefloor candy built over subversive sounds, while “Get That Rhythm” (produced by Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw) rides the bassline to a much darker corner of the club. Centerpiece “Slyde”—produced by the band and Patrick Ford—is a tribute to cut-and-paste classics in an era when sampling is prohibitively expensive, so !!! devised all the imagined samples themselves. Rough-edged album closer “Station (Meet Me At The)” might be the most menacing song the group has ever released, and they execute the switchblade attitude naturally.
Though Offer handles most of the vocals on THR!!!ER, other voices populate the album. Cohen handles the moody and percussive “Fine, Fine, Fine,” and the roster of contributing female singers include fellow Sacramento-to-New York transplant Teresa Eggers, Heartless Bastards’ Erika Wennerstrom and Austin studio pro Sonia Moore (who did the yea yeahs on MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit”).
Says Offer, “We’ve never tried to make the same record twice, we might have accidentally, but we’ve always tried to push on. For this one it felt like we definitely shoved off from the shore.”
“If you’ve seen one cathedral / then baby you’ve seen ’em all” / I asked her what they were like / she told me they were tall / she said “if there’s a god and he’s a heard one prayer / then baby, he’s heard ’em all” – “Except Death”

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