How to create the ambiance you want with Lighting

While designing our homes, we’re so heavily invested picking the right wallpaper or suitable color scheme, and matching furniture, that we end up ignoring a very basic but crucial aspect of room ambiance. Lighting serves a very important role in deciding your room’s vibe and neglecting it can be a mistake. Before you buy the fittings, it is useful to have an idea as to what purpose the room will serve. This should ideally depend on whether you want to make it warm and inviting, or a place where bright lights serve the functional intent of the area, such as the kitchen.   


Purposeful lighting      

Hanging a crystal chandelier to light up your living space, provided you have enough hall space, is a good idea. Kitchen cabinets should have under cabinet lighting fixtures, as they create a zone or area for specified lighting. Puck lights are easy to install, battery-powered LED fixtures that work well in modular kitchens. Various other options are available such as strip lights, Xenon lighting, etc.    

For your bedroom, it is important to tone down the brightness level if you’re looking for a cozy space for yourself. A north-facing bedroom will help you exploit natural light sources, and keep the room well lit. Recessed lighting is a good option if you want to avoid a direct light while resting on your bed. However, do not skimp on the light in areas of high activity, such as the breakfast table or the homework arena, when calculating a range of required wattage. For a home office, a side lamp is important. Investing some energy to take into consideration the varied purposes, is sure to pay off once you’re done with the finishing touches.    

Synchronization is key    

Furniture and room spaces are key factors that help us decide the amount and type of light that you need. What you decide to put in the room determines its character and feel. Wooden furniture varies in texture and darkness and must be attuned to the paint or wallpaper chosen. Adding carpeting and rugs to the room can also create the illusion of more space in the room, and add a lighter feel to the overall atmosphere of the room. To ensure that the carpets do not fade and lose their color with age, it is essential to have carpet cleaning equipment at home which would enhance carpet life. If you’re trying to create a subtler vibe, a dim yellow LED lights will work well with dominant wooden tones, and with a less colorful setup. Indirect or cove lighting, hidden under a false ceiling, also gives a very flattering look. It is important to declutter your room, in case you want a minimalistic look. Unnecessary shelves and useless furniture are to be kept away in their place, removed from the areas where you would like peace and calm. Combining light furniture with appropriate lighting is tricky, and different combinations should be tried to pick the right one.    

Consider consulting an expert     

While deciding on the lighting of a room, many variables come into play.

Consulting an expert can be very useful if you want long term satisfaction with the atmosphere and general feel of your house. Things that the expert should discuss with you are-the dimensions of the room, the texture, and pattern of the wallpaper, the shade of paint used, as well as the decorative pieces that you choose to adorn your side table with. Suitability of the decor should be especially kept in mind when deciding on the hue or color and wattages that you need.   

Lighting can dramatically alter the ambiance, tone, and feel of your room. The skills needed to figure out the right pathway towards the perfect ambiance are not within everyone’s grasp, and a little help is well worth it. If your ambiance is dull, you can ask your electrician to change the hue of your lighting to a warm white or yellow to create a cozy effect. Alternatively, you can have a strong white light fixed if you need some added illumination.   

In case you’re looking at renovations, or are buying a new place, consulting someone who can guide you to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, is very important. Keep in mind the functionality and room furniture so that you’re able to create a unifying look that ties the whole room together and synchronizes the entire atmosphere and feel of the house.

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