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I urge you all today, especially today during these times of chaos and war, to love yourself without reservations and to love each other without restraint. Unless you’re into leather.
– Margaret Cho
BDSM maybe? Maybe not.
Well, of course I (like you, c’mon admit it!) have been intrigued by the idea of BDSM. Perhaps not intrigued enough to pursue the concept except in pictures and fantasy. When a Russian apparel company, MYMOKONDO, approached Janiqueel, though, intrigue sired curiosity. Curiosity begat desire. I’ve got to be honest,  the elegant, sumptuous, titillating MyMokondo website kindles a small fires. With a bit of a breeze, small fires become raging infernos of lust and yearning. I’m going too far? Hold on, let’s go together starting with MyMokondo!
Having broached the subject of BDSM, let me burst that trial balloon. Eva Bogdanova, the founder of MyMokondo explains, “It’s not about real BDSM community’s [sic], because for real communities, we are like children’s toys. For swinger it’s the best.” She’s got a point. MyMokondo is not about whips, head harnesses, bondage cuffs, smother boxers, queening stools, and humblers (thank you, Wikipedia). Rather, it is about straps, belts, and netting with euphonic names like Petra Velvet, Seginikini, Altehya, Harafrid, Bikini Echo, Eridanus, Citerra, Aung, and Albali. No pain being induced here. The closest the online catalog comes to BDSM is the Petra Bondage Velvet – a collar attached to vertical strap attached to a below the bodice belt.  “Like children’s toys” to the average BDSM-ers. Or the neophyte fetishist budding, not yet bloomed.
However, and this may be MyMokondo’s target market niche, the style line laps around the naughty edges of staid. Take, for example, the masks encountered in the “leather” category – Mask Devil, Mask Honor, Rabbit Mask, Cat Mask, Bambi Mask (cute ears on the latter three). Pair them with a leather paddle “Lash” and leather handcuffs (both available in black or bright red) and you’re on the road to a place a bit removed from your sexual comfort/complacent zone. The letting go – taking a chance – Tom Waits in “Hold ON” – “Oh, the moon was gold, her hair like wind / Said. “Don’t look back, just come on, Jim”  Don’t look back. Just come on …
Spend a few minutes, pleasurable minutes, believe Janiqueel, with MyMokondo. The mere fact that it’s Russian and that the founder has a name exotic in its rhythms – “Eva Bogdanova” draws me to an unencountered place. The “Eva Bogdnova”  – my name suggestion for the next style in the body division – “ … the plexus of wide and thin lingerie bands are fixed on the body from the neck, outlining the chest and going down the body to the hips. This is the highest degree of elegance that can be achieved with the help of lingerie. This is the full confidence in the female uniqueness. MyMokondo is proud of each of it’s product, creating a comfortable and luxurious body-streps [sic].” (Gotta love “streps,” eh?) 
In delightful Russo-English, Ms. Bogdanova explains, “I want that woman fell sexy inside Everyday, and we make our staff [stuff] very good quality. Mostly it’s handmade. And mostly it’s not fabrics.” As the price point suggests, these are, indeed, high-standard products. Craftsmanship is paramount in the material, fittings, sewing, and detail of each offering. The website, photos, design, models, all exude quality. And SEX. MyMokondo is aiming high with their products from beachwear – “Flamboyant” – to jewelry, as well as dresses, shirts and bodysuits.
Intrigued? Ready to taste? Make a leap?

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