IAM Live in Singapore review

Photo by Xavier Marlé

Back in 2008, I’m a guy who didn’t appreciate hip hop and rap, until 2013, I’m finally opened up to it again, but due to indulgence I’m metal, I neglected this point. But after the stunning visuals of the concert tonight, I can say, I turn into a guy who like hip hop and rap again (Irony # 1). The performance done by the french hip hop band “IAM” has gotten me pretty amazed, despite me not understanding on a single thing they are saying (Irony # 2). If bringing out the crowd spirit is a revolver game, they are definitely shooting awesome targets. From flashing lights to light saber (yes, its not your eyes, i did say light saber), the performance got me shaking to it as well (Irony #3). The way these music goes, is like holding on to your heart, put it on the brutal roads and holding it up again, definitely brings out the impulse and emotions. However, I think that the bass of the songs can be better. Adding my own ending into the review of this band, I will only say, that it got me to the brutal underworld of hip hop and got me to get myself a good stay in it (Irony #4 despite the fact that i used to dislike rap). So if irony is made of strawberries, you’ll definitely see me drinking tons of smoothies right now.

Written by Don.

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