I Got the GLOW at IDS Aesthetics

Janiqueel visits the IDS Aesthetics for a one-hour of Aesthetics Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment and walks out with a new GLOW

If a woman is confident, she believes in herself and is really happy from the inside, you’ll see that glow. 

Pia Wurtzbach

Easy, Fast, Convenient, and effective – Hydro-Therapeutics (HTT) at IDS. A facial with a difference that you’ll see and feel deep-down. “Glow” is the word for it.

Here’s what the procedure includes:                       

  • Double cleansing
  • MDX (microdermabrasion) / HydroD (water dermabrasion that includes the use of multi-minerals solution)
  • Ultrasonic cleansing
  • Extractions
  • Ultrasonic penetration of vitamin C
  • Mask – whitening, soothing or anti-acne
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Here’s how it works:

  • The first cleansing is a deep-penetrating scrub which sounds drastic, but under the skilled hands of the IDS beautician, it’s a gentle rub and massage that opens your pores to the benefits to follow. Then comes the hydra-facial water jet – a softly pulsating jet of water that delves into those freshly-opened pores. Using a multi-mineral solution the pores are refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Gently lifting dead skin cells, the Ultrasonic device uses minerals again to replace the dead cells with vibrant new ones.
  • If you need it – I didn’t – the specialist will concentrate on the problem areas of acne and other built-up impurities. It’s like pruning plants before watering and feeding.
  • With pores wide open and receptive, the next ultrasonic part of the routine uses vitamin C to feed and nourish the pores that have been opened by the former procedures. This is where health meets cleanliness.
  • Once the soothing mask (different masks for different skin conditions are on offer) was applied, I could relax even further and reflect on what had been happening to my face. I didn’t sleep but next time…
  • With the application of IDS moisturizer and sunscreen, my treatment was finished.

I walked out of the IDS Aesthetics in the International Building feeling – GLOWING! Easily accomplished over a lunch-break or whenever you have an hour to spare for yourself, the IDS HTT session could easily become a part of my monthly ‘me-time’ routine.

As I walked out into the bright sunshine of the mid-afternoon tropics, I was happy I had applied one of my purchases from the plethora of products on display at the Orchard Road outlet –  S3 Tinted Sunscreen – SPF 50. For me, what a skincare product does NOT contain is often as important as its ingredients. No parabens. Fragrance-free. Opaque White Lotion-free. I especially appreciate the fragrance-free stipulation.

You can visit www.idsskincare.com for more about their products or www.idsaesthetics.com if you wish to know more about their treatment that can help your skin!

Writing help by JKJ

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